How To Care For A Loved One After Surgery

When a close friend or family member goes through surgery, he or she will likely remain in the hospital or surgical center for a few hours or longer. The doctors and nurses on that staff will offer the care that person needs until he or she heads home. Once your loved one comes home though, you need to make sure that he or she feels comfortable and has everything necessary to recover in a loving environment. You can take some steps to prepare your home before and after the surgery.

Choose Comfortable Clothing

Patients typically wear hospital gowns while in the hospital. These gowns fit loosely and have an open back. The hospital will take back that gown when a patient leaves. Buying post surgery garments and having those pieces in your home is a great way to help your loved one feel more comfortable. These garments fit loosely and won’t rub up against any incisions. You’ll find shirts and other types of clothing with snaps that are easier for those recovering to open and close than traditional fasteners are.

Have Food and Drinks Ready

Always read through the aftercare instructions that the doctor sends home with the patient, especially in regards to the food the patient can eat. Most surgical patients need to stick to clear foods and liquids foods in the hours after the surgery, and some feel more comfortable eating those foods for a few days later. These foods include chicken brother, yogurt and flavored gelatin. Keep the refrigerator stocked with foods that your loved one can safely eat and foods that are easy to prepare. This allows that individual to make his or her own snacks without your help.

Beat Boredom

Depending on the procedure, it can take days or weeks for your loved one to feel confident moving around without any help and even longer until he or she can get back to a normal routine. Unless you spent time in the hospital before, you probably don’t realize how bored patients feel. You can find ways for your loved one to beat boredom at home. Invest in books and magazines that you keep nearby as well as puzzle books. Some will like having a tablet that they can use for reading and playing games too. These simple tips make it easier to care for a loved one after surgery.