How to Buy the Right Pony?

Pony purchase is still considered one of the most expensive buying decision, so we should take a few educated considerations before starting out. It may be necessary to check more ponies before we settle on one. This could lead to a lot of driving, some serious leg works and even a bit of disappointment.

We may start out by defining the right breed that suits our requirements best. This will allow us to find the best pony according to their breeds. Like its full-sized, horse cousins; ponies are also animals of survival and their coat is designed to blend with the environment. They have properly shaped nostril to allow for more efficient breathing. In general, ponies are designed primarily for survival. Finally, mankind entered the scene and started to tinker with the genetics. For millennia, people have been refining breeds of ponies to produce those for pleasure and aesthetics purposes. In some cases, ponies are bred for only entertainment purposes, specifically to make little girls happier. Guided breeding allows us to bring forth variations that we need form an equine.

Although ponies are typically smaller than horses; they could be sleek, shaggy, darker or brighter depending on the breed. When choosing breeds, we could determine certain qualities that these ponies are more apt to behave, look and act in a certain way. Ponies may not be intended to draw carts or run faster, but each breed could have specific temperament and personality.

In this case, it is important to find a few breeds that seem to better match our requirements. We should write down certain physical ability, shape and size that our pony should have. If we are looking for riding ponies that can accommodate smaller girls, then there are specific breeds that could fit our requirements better. In this case, researching for a pony breed should take as much effort and time as we do with dog breeds. Researching these breeds should be easy; we could purchase and read the right books. Some breeds of ponies are typically readily available in specific areas. For this reason, we could choose breeds that are more common in our areas to reduce the overall cost.

We should stick to it after we choose a breed. Mistakes with ponies could cost us a lot of money. So, it is necessary to shop with our head first and instead of our emotions. Don’t make emotional decisions and it is better to be rational. In the end, we will be much happier with our decisions. If we have $1000 to spend, then we should rule out $2000 ponies and try to choose $900 ponies. We should be honest with ourselves and consider whether we have the ability and resources to keep ponies in our homes.

We need to consider the proper age of the pony. Ponies at different age have different nutritional level and we should ensure that will have a healthier and longer life. A five year old pony should be ideal in many cases and we could see ponies in the late twenties still performing well, despite their age.

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