How To Beautify The Landscaping Around Your AC Unit

How To Beautify The Landscaping Around Your AC Unit

There’s one piece of hardware that is the bane of every homeowner who wants to maximize their lawn’s natural beauty. Central air conditioning units are typically located on a small concrete slab near the home’s foundation and they can be very difficult to hide. You may not be able to conceal it completely, but there are a few simple ways to beautify the landscaping around your AC unit without violating any safety rules.

Leave Plenty of Room

The most important tip when landscaping around your unit is to leave plenty of room. There should be at least a few feet of clear air space between the unit and any kind of foliage. Surrounding vegetation should be kept to a minimum in general to allow room for circulation of air through the machine. You also need to consider the need for potential repairs, so don’t forget to leave a clear path and space around all sides to give technicians enough room to work.

Screen and Trellis Options

One of the most popular, effective and affordable ways to improve your AC landscaping is by installing a small screen or trellis around it. A latticed screen provides plenty of breathing room for the unit, provides extra shade and helps obscure it from view. Wooden trellises and lattice screens can also be a tasteful landscaping accent elsewhere on the property to create a more consistent aesthetic.

Rock and Gravel Gardens

Air conditioning units are heavy, which is why they are supported by a concrete slab instead of soft soil. Homeowners need to keep this in mind when planning their landscaping choices in the area around the unit. Replacing plants and soft soil with a gravel garden can help stabilize the concrete supporting the unit. Gravel and rock gardens are also clean and easy to maintain, which is helpful when you need air conditioning services.

Cast Some Shade

The ideal positioning of your AC unit may depend on your home’s layout, but it’s generally best to place it in the shade. Keeping it out of the sun helps it run more efficiently and makes it a bit easier to conceal in your landscaping design. Nearby trees can be a great source of shade, but you also have to consider the risk of a branch falling and damaging the unit.

Outdoor AC units aren’t the most eye-catching attraction in a typical domestic landscape, but they don’t have to be a complete eyesore either. Whether you choose to conceal or incorporate it into your home’s external aesthetic, you should always make sure it can run safely and efficiently.