How To Apply For Victoria Visa Nomination Program?

How To Apply For Victoria Visa Nomination Program?

The option of migrating to a foreign nation in search for new job opportunities or for higher studies is something which is very much trending in today’s time period. Almost every year a number of skilled workforces as well as students migrate to another country so as to take benefit from the growing economic conditions.

But we all are aware that the procedures that needs to be followed for getting enrolled in the visa program for any country is quite a complex issue. In case if you want to apply for the visa program of Australia, there is a need for the applicant to first get a nomination from provided by the state government.

How can one apply or get the nomination from the state government? What are the procedures that one needs to follow? These are some very important question which every person who is planning for migrating to Australia faces before they apply for the visa program.

How to get Nomination from State government?

There are certain visa programs for which the applicants must first acquire a sponsorship or nomination. For those who are willing to go and visit Australia, either for work purpose or permanently, they can get the nomination provided by the Victorian government. Victoria state nomination is offered to only those candidates who are skilled in any work or want to start their own business in Australia.

One of the major benefits of this visa nomination is it is available for free of cost to the applicants. There is no need to pay any sort of charges for acquiring the Victoria visa nomination. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this visa nomination provided by the Victorian government is not an application for the visa program. The applicants can get help from the nomination in meeting the criteria to apply for an Australian visa.

What are the eligibility criteria for getting Victoria state nomination?

The applicants need to fulfil certain essential eligibility criteria in order to get visa nomination from the Victorian government. Some of the basic criteria are mentioned below:-

  • The candidate needs to comply with the requirements mentioned by the immigration department as well as the border protection officials.
  • Victoria visa nomination is granted for several visa programs such as Skilled Nominated visa program and Skilled Regional visa program. Each of these visa programs have their own requirements which the applicants need to fulfil.
  • In case of Skilled visa program there is a list of essential assessment criteria that the candidates needs to address.

Who all are eligible?

The Victorian government offers the visa nomination to only certain candidates who are skilled in some or the other work. Even for entrepreneurs who are willing to establish their own business firm in Australia can apply for the visa nomination program. The applicant can also get sponsorship provided by their relatives who are already staying in Australia or in some cases an employer can also offer sponsorship service to any qualified candidate along with the offer letter.

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