How to Achieve A Mid-Century Modern Look For Your Home’s Exterior

How to Achieve A Mid-Century Modern Look For Your Home's Exterior

Mid-century modern design is on-trend for homeowners as an elegant approach to exterior home design. If you’re ready to hop on board this trend, there are a few ways to make your home into a mid-century mansion. Read on for five tips on how you can incorporate this style.

Start by Painting

By painting your home’s exterior, you can easily adapt to the mid-century modern trend while increasing your home’s curb appeal. Consider a color palette of ochre, brown, mustard, cream, and orange. The natural and organic tones are a perfect fit for a mid-century look.

Use Metal Roofing

A metal roofing installation is a great choice when it comes to adding an upgraded mid-century modern touch to your roof. Since metal is more durable, you can count on this material to look good for years to come. In addition to longevity, metal roofing provides variety in the form of texture and color that will complement other elements of your mid-century modern design.

Paint the Lawn

If you’re looking to upgrade your grass and go for the mid-century look, and especially if you live in a drought currently, painting your lawn can be an effective option. The process is a low-maintenance and relatively cheap way to grow a long-lasting lawn. This way, your new additions to the home will be well balanced with healthy and fresh green grass year-round.

Grow Tropical Plants

Growing plants around your home can instantly give it an inviting, contemporary feel that fits in well with your new mid-century modern design. Tropical plants add a lot of color and interest to any landscape and are a great way to enhance your other style choices. Consider plants like the Zanzibar Gem, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Monstera Deliciosa, or Dracaena Compacta as these species are the perfect blend of organic shapes and geometric forms.

Update the Front Door

Painting your home’s front door a vibrant, mid-century modern color is a quick and easy way to give your house an instant facelift. Consider bolder colors like turquoise, orange, or yellow for a door that stands out. To complement your door’s new paint color, consider switching out your doorknob or hanging a seasonal wreath as well.

As you seek to achieve your new mid-century modern style, don’t forget to be adventurous. Keep these five tips in mind as you explore new ways to enhance your home’s exterior.