How Solar Thermal Enegry Helps To Reduce Environmental Footprint

Being environmentally friendly has never been higher on the agenda. Going green is certainly a hot topic as we are all forced to take a good look at the impact our actions have on the environment. Environmentally friendly energy solutions are not only the answer to reducing your carbon footprint, however; they can also help you to save money at the same time.

Green energy solutions have come a long way in recent years as technological advances have made renewable energy much more affordable. The government has also been tasked to reduce the UK’s emissions and as such, they have created an incentive for businesses such as your own to turn to renewable energy.

Solar thermal energy is the process of using the sun’s heat to create thermal energy which can be used to heat water and other liquids as well as power solar cooling systems. Solar thermal energy can help save your business money on your energy bills, reduce your emissions and generate an income from the government- a triple whammy!

The Renewable Heating Incentive

Using solar thermal energy to create energy for your water heating and cooling systems will help you to cut down on your business premises’ gas bills dramatically. We may not have many sunny days in the UK but you would be surprised with how much energy can be generated from solar panels on even an overcast day. With energy prices seemingly rising by the day- cutting the amount of energy your business uses can have a huge positive financial impact.

As part of the UK government’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and to help reach their renewable energy targets, they have introduced the renewable heating incentive (RHI).

This programme offers a financial incentive to promote renewable energy sources. By using a renewable energy source to heat your water, joining the scheme and sticking to the RHI rules, you will receive quarterly payments from the government for seven years. The RHI is available for both domestic and non-domestic properties meaning that whether your business is run from home or a premises, whether it is big or small- as long as you follow the RHI guidelines you will qualify for the financial incentive.

Going Green

Having a solar thermal energy system installed in your business is a relatively easy process. The RHI combined with modern technology have made turning to renewable energy a much more affordable concept. Solar panels can be fitted to almost any rooftop and use the heat from the sun to turn into thermal energy. A solar thermal hot water system could help your business save around 70% of your heating costs. Companies specialised in fitting the industry leading MCS solar panels, can advise you on the best solar thermal water heating systems for your specific business premises. Once fitted, your new renewable energy system will start saving you money on your energy bills straight away.

Thanks to the RHI, there has never been a better time to invest in a solar thermal energy system. With all the upheaval in the political world you can never be sure when funding for the RHI may be taken away. It’s best to take advantage of it now. Solar thermal energy however, will never stop saving you money.

There does not seem to be an end in sight to the current energy price rises and so it is a great idea to invest in a hot water system which will save your business plenty of money for years to come. Saving money while helping to reduce carbon emissions- there is literally no reason why you shouldn’t consider solar thermal energy for your business.