How Secure is Your WordPress Website?

We should be aware that thousands of WordPress blogs are compromised by hackers each day. They can be injected with malware, defaced or completely taken over. After our blog is hacked, it can be really difficult to clean up the mess. In this situation, we need to make sure that our website could return to a full working condition. There are some regrets that we may encounter. For example, we may lose some or even all of our content if we don’t have any backup. Also, we may not be aware that our website has been hacked that our recent backup contains the hacked version. Again, prevention is much better than cure. We should be aware that WordPress isn’t secure out of the box. Many beginners are not aware of this fact. We should be aware that security isn’t something that’s left to the webmaster. There are many common mistakes that cause our website to get hacked too easily. As an example, our website could simply use “admin” as the username. This would only require hackers to decipher our password. Random username and password are essential to ensure that our website highly secure.

In fact, hackers prioritize the least secured websites. So, if we have easy username, they would try to attack us first and they may not bother to approach websites with random usernames. The problem could get worse if we have very easy password, such as “12345”. We should make sure that it’s harder for people break into our website. Passwords shouldn’t contain any kind of word found in the library. There should also be lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols scattered in the password. So, it is a common fact that our website should be ruggedized against any kind of attack. Obviously, it would be hard for us to remember the password and username; so it’s actually a good thing. So, it is important to keep a note in the safe or in the wallet, if we are mobile. The login screen is still the main entry way for hackers to access our website. It’s the front door to gain entry to the administration page. It should make sense to protect our virtual property from any kind of intrusion. We should do anything we can to protect our virtual property from intrusions.

Securing our website is essential, especially because we put a lot of effort and time into building our WordPress blog. Our hard work can be ruined quickly if there are some people with nefarious intentions. Some consequences may arise if our blog is compromised. Eventually, our WordPress blog can have dozens of plugins, widgets and unused themes. These represent multiple pathways to attack our website. A poorly coded plugin, theme and widget could open a way for hackers to attack our website. For this reason, we should use add-ons that obtain good reviews from users. It won’t do our reputation any good if our website is constantly attacked. We could eventually lose visitors when it happens to us. We will have much reduced income and some of the financial commission can be redirected to the hacker. It is important for us to keep tabs on what’s happening on our blog. Simple mistakes can have significant implications, so it is important for us to avoid doing them.