How Quartzite Has Become The Most Desirable Worktop Materials For 2017

How Quartzite Has Become The Most Desirable Worktop Materials For 2017

While quartzite worktops are pretty new in the designing industry, they are already a favourite of several designers and homeowners. Right from the durability, attractive appearance, to minimum maintenance, the material is perfect for use in kitchens. Let us have a look at how quartzite is now the most desirable worktop material for 2017. Keep reading the post to find out more.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, replacing your worktop can be an excellent place to begin. But with all the different types of worktop materials available on the market, selecting the best can be quite challenging. While quartzite is new in the designing industry, it is receiving widespread popularity and is already a favourite of designers and homeowners.

There are several reasons that make this engineered material perfect for kitchen worktops and some of the most important advantages are mentioned below-

1. Cost

It is very important to have a budget in place before planning the renovation project. Quartzite worktops are cheaper than some other expensive materials, allowing you to get the best value for your money. If you have a lot of counter space in your kitchen, the cost of worktop can rise quickly, and it is with quartzite that you can get a classy-looking worktop at an affordable rate.

2. Strength

Quartz worktops contain 93% quartz stone, and the remaining is resin binder along with some colorant. These worktops are stronger that many of the other worktop materials like marble and granite which are also more expensive. The worktop is where most of the food prep takes place, and thus, it is very important for the material to be strong and durable.

3. Appearance

Unlike other types of stone slabs, quartzite worktops can be crafted with controlled appearance. The modern methods with which these worktops are produced enable the manufacturer to make sure that the worktop is exactly as per the required pattern, texture and colour. This allows the user to get a unique countertop, something that is not possible with other natural stones.

4. Maintenance

Many of the worktop materials, like marble, require regular sealing to prevent the growth of bacteria and staining which further add up to the maintenance cost of the worktop. Quartzite worktops don’t require sealing or other kinds of regular maintenance to maintain its functionality and appearance. This not only saves a lot of money but also hassles while adding to the life of the countertop.

5. Colour Consistency

If you are looking to buy a granite worktop, it is important to know that many of these worktops are dyed commercially to improve their appearance. Over time, the dyes change and so does the appearance of the worktop. Quartzite worktops are available in several colours, and the colour remains consistent throughout the lifetime of the worktop.

If you are looking for a worktop which is attractive, productive, affordable, durable and requires minimum maintenance, quartzite is definitely the material of choice. Select a quartzite worktop and it will instantly add up to the productivity and appearance of your kitchen.