How home rebate is changing the real estate market and helping homebuyers

The real estate market is changing and offering quick and easy help for aspiring homebuyers. Buying a house is never easy and require a person to consider several things and make careful decisions. The technological advancements have influenced nearly every business field, including the real estate industry. The homebuyers now, with the help of smartphone applications can make and precisely search the houses they are wishing to buy instead of visiting several pays and still being unable to feel satisfied.

Most of the homeowners who have a busy daily routine usually employ the services of a real estate agent who are experienced and familiar with the complete buying process. There are real estate agents who work in big real estate companies, and they are also agents who offer their services on a freelance basis. The freelance buying agents have designed and developed their websites through which wishful homebuyers can not only view the available properties but also book their services. The traditional way of visiting different houses is very much replaced by homebuyers just clicking a few buttons and searching the right house according to their needs, wishes, and budget. As a homeowner you can sit in the comfort of your home and view different houses. The online search option had helped save considerable time and effort which was very common when people had to buy a home.

One another and important reason why most homebuyers hire a real estate agent is access to the home rebate amount, which is a form of commission given to buyer agent when the purchase of the house is made. The buyer agent then pays a portion of the commission back to the homebuyer as a thank you for using their service. The home buyer rebate is also known as a commission rebate and a very valuable tool to save money particularly if you are looking to buy a lavish house. The home buyer is legal in nearly 40 states of the country, and you have to choose the best real estate agent who has the negotiation skills to be able to get a handsome commission at the time of the closing.

The buyer agent offers a rebate which is usually 2% or 3% of the final purchase price. There are different ways for using the rebate amount and most common is buying points on the mortgage you have taken, cover the closing costs, help you cover the moving costs, and homeowners can also take rebate amount in cash, but most mortgage lenders do not allow helped at closing. A homebuyer can deal,  the sale of the house without the services of a real estate agent but it is quite difficult to negotiate a sizable rebate amount. The real estate agents are familiar with the buying and selling of houses and also of the market trends. The real estate agents or realtors can negotiate with the listing agent and house seller for a favorable deal.

You have to contact freelance realtors for hoping to get a commission as the real estate companies do not offer any commission to the homebuyer and divide the commission within themselves. The real estate companies have to pay rent, overheads, salaries, and manage operations which requires considerable money and it is also the reason why they do not offer any rebate amount. The freelance realtors, on the other hand, have no low costs to pay when it comes to franchise fees, overhead and they usually work alone so do not have, burden to pay their support staff.

You should choose the best realtor from a known referral network and interview the real estate agents on your own and see who is experienced and has the negotiation skills. The rebate amount you receive will be decided after you reach an agreement with your real estate agent. You have to spend several hours finding the realtor who is agreeing to pay you a large rebate amount. The process of the home rebate is quite simple involves certain steps which are

  • In the house purchase deal, the house seller offers his listing agent around 6% commission to sell the house.
  • The listing agent then offers half of the commission which is 3% to the home buyer’s agent
  • The percentage the real agent gives back to the homebuyer is 1% of the purchase price; for example, if the house is sold for $300,000, then the homebuyer would get $3,000 as rebate amount.

The rebate amount can help you to

  • Buy an extravagant house
  • Save money on the down payment
  • Perform different home improvement and remodeling tasks if you are moving in a used house
  • Buying household furniture and electronic appliances
  • Pay the closing cost

Author Bio:

Rachel Adams writes for a freelance real estate agent and provides valuable information on home rebate amount for aspiring homebuyers who are wishing to buy a home in the MacDonald Highlands. Homebuyers can visit her Facebook and Twitter to gather more information.