How Effectively Can Acupuncture Work For Neck & Shoulder Pain

How Effectively Can Acupuncture Work For Neck & Shoulder Pain

Acupuncture- Origin

The system of acupuncture was first practiced in china by ancient chinese local medical practitioners, it involves the use of sharp and thin needles to pierce through the body at specific locations. These points, in other words are known as the lines of energy or meridians, and the process yielded healing and solution to several known types of illnesses and health conditions.

In real time medical practices and theory, the process is believed to change the state of synergy flow into the healthy patterns of the body, thus causing healing to an ailment.

Acupuncture for Neck and Shoulder Pains

Purpose and reason for the use of acupuncture

The use of acupuncture system to cure excessive pains and disturbances at several areas of the body was not hastily introduced and practiced. Research works and findings by World health organization and several other health foundations has revealed that acupuncture has the key solutions to over 45 medical challenges and health care issues. Most especially to include allergies, respiratory conditions , gastrointestinal problems, gynecological disorders, nervousness, complications of the eyes, throat and nose complexities, neck and shoulder pains, several childhood illnesses etc.

It is also known that acupuncture application has on several occasions been used against alcoholism and drug abuse, and recording maximum response potency rate. Some other health conditions where it is applicable to ensure thorough cure includes headache and lingering pain which is mostly connected to the few signs and symptoms of arthritis and rheumatoid.

Acupuncture helps to relieve the pains of the neck and pains in the bones of the shoulder.

Research works and findings have demonstrated needle therapy (acupuncture) to be powerful in calming certain sorts of neck pains, especially those brought on by whiplash. Some studies propose needle therapy can regard degenerative neck issue, for example, ankylosing spondylosis and cervical spondylosis; by and large, needle therapy has worked for patients whose conditions couldn’t be explained utilizing routine methodologies.

Pressure point massage and home grown solutions and remedies are once in a while utilized as a part of conjunction with needle therapy for neck torment. Applying pressure point massage to the neck muscles can diminish fit and decrease the pains encountered, prompting a casual state and an increased feeling of relief. Totally considering the patient’s health condition, certain home grown remedial can be utilized to enhance circulation, blood flow and simplicity muscle compression.