How Does Home Window Tinting Prove Advantageous For Home Owners?

How Does Home Window Tinting Prove Advantageous For Home Owners

In the last few years, home window tinting has grown from strength to strength and is increasingly being used in numerous kinds of home decoration. This has particularly become the case given that more homeowners have understood the advantages related with window tinting in houses. If you are hesitating and pondering whether or not to opt for home window tinting, the following advantages might just change your mind.

Lowers Glare and Heat

The biggest advantage of tinted windows, and also the prime reason for their installation in homes and offices, is to reduce glares from sun rays. According to studies, glares and even heat from sun rays can be reduced by 87% or even more. This makes it more convenient for people within buildings to work on a computer or watch TV in a comfortable manner. These films are composed of very transparent and distortion-free substances, which make them almost invisible. However, the effects can be felt for all times.

Prevents Entry of Harmful UV Rays

In homes with untreated windows, exposure to UV rays of sunlight all through the day can make artwork, fabrics and furnishings fade before long. With tinted home windows, you can block UVA as well as UVB rays by as much as 99.9%. UV rays are also the prime cause of various skin problems, such as:

  • Sunburns
  • Premature ageing
  • Skin cancer
  • Over-tanning
  • Liver spots or age spots
  • Loss of skin elasticity

While tinted windows allow passing of daylight through them, maximum amount of UV rays of the sun can be prevented.

Reduces Cooling Expenses for Homes

In the US, the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual states that, around half of the utility bills of a home end up being wasted due to loss of heat gain through windows that are untreated. With tinted home windows, energy efficiency can be improved a lot. When a tinted film is added to the existing windows of a home, cooling expenses can be reduced by as much as 50%.

Keeps Kids and Pets Safe

When glass is broken due to intrusion, storms or accidents, there can be a lot of hazards. Every family member, especially pets and kids, are at a risk of suffering cuts and injuries due to shards of glass lying around. In case of an impact, the tinted films can act as transparent but strong barrier and hold the glass bits together until repair or replacement is done.

More Privacy

Tinted windows add some amount of privacy to homes without residents needing to draw shades or blinds down. These block view from the outside but can allow you to view your yard or garden all through the day, and look out for any trespassers. Without opting for frosted windows, which are translucent in form, you can opt for tinted windows and keep getting views of the outside. You will not feel stuffy and claustrophobic.

Greater Elegance and Beauty

Although tinted windows had not been initially designed to be decorative, these actually enhance the beauty of homes and buildings due to their reflective quality. You can get a luxurious and sleek look for all times for your home. The views of the outside reflected on the tinted glasses can make your establishment more beauteous in appearance. As the films are available in numerous types of colors and shades, you will not have any problems in finding a tinted window that matches the particular look and style of your home.

Lasts for long

Tinted windows can also last for a long time to come. On an average, these can last for at least 15 years and you can get solid returns on your investment. These can easily be installed and maintained for a long period of time.

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