How Does Education Structure Of Play Schools Help Your Child?

A Child’s brain is both fragile and most receptive in the early stages of life. This is why the preschool educational structure is best suited for the elementary learning of the child. With various new age methods incorporated in the curriculum of the play schools these days, learning has become fun and educative simultaneously. Sending the child to a play school makes your child more adaptive to the surroundings and instills self-confidence. This article discusses the education structure followed by Play schools and how it helps in the overall growth of your child.

There are many play schools in India and the last few years have seen a mushroom rise of play schools and daycare programs for children in India. Play schools provide the right foundation to kids by giving them a constructive and suitable environment to learn and interact. There are various programs that a play school offers. These programs are scientifically designed by child experts to make sure the knowledge is imparted in a child, in the most constructive way possible.

Social Development of the Child

Play school is probably the first platform where your child interacts with other kids and teachers. This develops the social domain of the child which is a must for any child’s growth. It gives your child the right platform and instills self-confidence in your child. This helps in building inter-personal skills of a child and they are better prepared to face the world.

Day-to-Day Activities:

Special emphasis is given to self-help modules where in the child is taught to slowly take control of the day to day activities.  A toddler is continuously experimenting with the surroundings and great caution needs to be exerted at such times. In some of the leading play schools in India, special care is provided to understand the need of the child and the correct teaching methods are imparted.

Sensory-Motor Development of Kids:

Play schools make children do many fun activities which develops their sensory motor skills. Sensory motor skills are very important as it helps a child recognize and learn about 7 senses of the body. These exercises are not only educative but fun for the child too. The kids develop their sensory motor skills without even realizing it.


It is very important to teach kids the importance of discipline and routine early on into their life. The simple routine of kids going to a school same time of the day and coming back home at a fixed time slowly instills the importance and habit of following a routine in life. They also become disciplined in life. A simple practice like making kids eat lunch at one particular time, teaches them how it is important to follow time-schedule in life.

Extra-curricular Activities

The play schools in India have moved away from the pattern of strict academic orientation and have incorporated many extra-curricular activities in the school.  Summer camps, trekking trips and extra sports classes are some of the initiatives

towards this.  These programs not only make learning fun for a child but they also build self-confidence and positive attitude in a child. Most of the programs offered are comprehensive for a child’s growth. The staff selected in play schools in India is also selected very carefully by the experts to ensure the play school is adept to handle the young fragile brain of a child.