How Concrete & Rubber Wheel Stops Control Road Traffic Efficiently?

How Concrete & Rubber Wheel Stops Control Road Traffic Efficiently?

The fact is that majority of the drives and pedestrians might have come across one or more kind of wheel stops. There are actually wide ranges of choices available in the market for this. Parking lot management and controlling the fleet of heavy vehicles is never easy, so wheel stops can be used to reduce the chances of any accident.

  • Wheel stops also referred to as street speed bumps comprises of traffic calming features that are designed to significantly slowdown the speed in order to go ahead safely.
  • These bumps are placed across the entire roadway and there is a space on both the sides for drainage.
  • The traffic calming feature of the bump requires it to be at a height. The height is normally ranging between three to four inches. The depth of the wheel stops is normally less than one foot. These are very essential things for a residential or for a commercial area, although they are overlooked. These wheel stops can be made of both rubber and concrete.

What are commercial wheel stops?

Commercial wheel stops on streets and parking spaces tend to be big and are made of high impact materials like concrete or asphalt. There are some other materials also used for making these such as rubber, plastic, etc. In order to make these bumps visible there are stripes painted or the entire surface is painted. Concrete wheel stops made in yellow or orange colors are used for driveways, loading and offloading zones. They ensure that the driver parks the car in a favorable location.

  • In residential areas traffic calming speed bumps are utilized for reducing the speed of the vehicles in high traffic or areas that have had speeding issues.

  • These bumps are normally small in size and are made of lower impact materials. Usually rubber or plastic are used for making these bumps.
  • These are also painted in yellow orange color. This is done for easy visibility during day and night time.

The accurate differences between the speed bumps and the wheel stops:

Speed humps are utilized for the same purpose as that of wheel stops; however, they are designed to be driven over at the speed of up to twenty miles per hour without stopping or slowing down. This kind of traffic calming feature is wider than the normal speed bump in that these are normally ten to fourteen feet in depth.

Wheel stops are intended to make drives stop abruptly, these raised road surfaces are designed to encourage slow top and to remind the drivers for maintaining the speed limit. Speed humps can be utilized for various traffic and parking situations but they are normally utilized in residential areas.

  • The bumps that are not designed well can make it tough to negotiate vehicles with low clearance even at the slow speed. These kinds of road surfaces can prove to be dangerous to the motorcyclists, bicyclists and even pedestrians in case it is not visibly marked.
  • When you start the installing the wheel stops in a driveway or in a parking lot, you must ensure whether they are kept there temporarily or permanently.

  • Having control over the vehicle speed with traffic calming features is the most efficient method for improving the safety of a parking lot, driveway or private road. The best way to maintain a safe speed is to use the rubber wheel stops, which has far lesser chance of damaging the vehicles, and there are less complaints from customers as well.

In case you are looking forward to place wheel stops in your private parking area then there are several such providers of it. You can check out online for the providers of these. Just make sure that the one you are hiring is reliable and offer quality in the work. You’ll surely get informative ideas for wheel stops here. so that you can park your car without damage & vehicle’s tyres too.