How Can You Say That Saliva Drug Test Is More Effective?

Detection of drug addiction among people is important in order to treat them in time before it gets too late. There are different types of drug detection methods and tests that you can use to make sure that your family members are not on drugs and one of them is saliva drug test. In most parts of the world, urine testing is considered the best and the most effective approach for the detection of the usage of drugs or drug addiction and undoubtedly it is quite useful. But according to recent research, saliva drug test is even more effective.

As the name of oral drug testing or saliva drug test is new in the medical testing terms but still it is worth a try as it is one of the most effective and steadily getting popular test for the detection of drug usage and drug addiction.

An Introduction to Saliva Drug Test:

Saliva drug test is a new type of testing technique used for the detection of the presence of drugs or drug samples in the saliva of the person. Using the saliva drug testing technique, you can detect the drug usage immediately after using the drugs till four days after which is impossible with the help of urine drug testing making it more effective and more reliable.

Saliva drug testing is taking over the urine testing in majority of the areas. For example it has become a dominant choice for drug testing for visas, in businesses and for employment purposes as well.

How Saliva Drug Test Is More Effective?

Still the skeptics need reasons to believe that how saliva drug test is more effective than urine drug tests and so I am going to list the reasons for that below:

  1. The substance eaten or taken by humans are not digested and excreted in urine during the first four hours and hence if the urine sample is taken immediately after taking drugs, it is impossible to detect its presence in urine. Whereas, in case of saliva drug testing, you can easily detect drugs even during the first four hours of usage.
  2. Lots and lots of gender and privacy issues are involved in taking urine samples making the process a little difficult. But this isn’t the case with saliva drug testing in which you can easily take samples at any time.