Healthy Soy Food Products

People around the world are using soy foods in their healthy diets. In its basic form, soy beans contain complete set of proteins and they are among the easiest to digest. They contain no cholesterol and only very little plant-based fat. There are many different types of soy foods. Miso is fermented soybean paste and it is considered a medicinal food. It could represses toxins in our body, neutralize allergens, eradicate carcinogens, lower cholesterol and alkalize our body. When used in hot soup-based dishes, miso could help our body enhances its immune system. Miso is a salt substitute that could bring added taste for dips, cooking stock, spreads, sauces and soups. Miso has different intensities in taste, as an example, natto miso is a sweet version of miso.

Miso is actually a highly concentrated food, so it is not advisable to use more than one teaspoon of it when preparing our mal. Its beneficial enzymes can be activated when miso is dissolved in the water. It is not advisable to add any salt to our dish when we plan to use miso. We should make sure that our dish really needs extra salt after we add miso to it. Soy cheese is another soy food and it is a lactose and cholesterol free product. However, soy cheese could still be added with calcium caseinate to improve its taste and texture. We can replace low-fat cheese with standard soy cheese cup for cup. Soy milk is another nutritious alternative and it is known for its smooth taste. As a plant-based product, soy milk comes with essential nutrients, but without fat and cholesterol.

Soy milk contains more iron and protein than cow milk, but less calories and calcium. There are different flavours of soy milk we could choose and it should be quite tasty when combined with vanilla. Soy milk could also be used for teas, health shakes and baking. Flavored soy milk could be used for cereal or sweet dishes, while the plain one can be used for savory dishes. Soy yogurt and ice cream should be quite tasty and there is also soy mayonnaise with consistency and taste that approach the original on. Tamari is a soy sauce without any wheat content and it is richer in flavour than standard soy sauce. Tempe is a meaty fermented soy food, with mushroom like aroma and robust texture.

Tempe is actually soy beans that are entangled within fine mesh of fungal structure. It is quite delicious and affordable. Fresh tofu is known for its delicate and light character that can easily absorb any taste from sweet to savory. The firm variant is available in cubes, while the custard-like version is known for its silky texture. Tofu is a highly versatile food product and it’s quite nutritionally balanced. It is a source of vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates. It is easy on our digestive system and full of soluble fiber. Tofu is a low-calorie food product and eight ounces of it could give us only 164 calories. Tofu is loaded with organic calcium and provide the same amount of calcium with milk, ounce for ounce.