Health Conditions You Can Help By Losing Weight This Year

Losing weight can be highly beneficial for both physical and mental health. By exercising regularly and eating a nutritious diet, certain health conditions can actually be prevented. Some health conditions can even improve.

Following a healthy diet is important not only for weight loss, but to build muscle strength and bone mass as well. Vitamin deficiency can lead to depression and fatigue which can make exercising an increasingly difficult chore. To prevent certain diseases and cancers, diet and exercise are a critical part of the process. Here are five health conditions that you can help by losing weight. 

Heart Attacks

Losing weight can help prevent serious cardiac issues. Heart attacks are a major health problem in the United States and are much more likely to occur in those who are obese. Even moderate weight loss can improve heart and vascular health. When an individual is overweight, the heart must pump a greater amount of blood. If there is more strain on the heart chamber, this can cause significant problems such as a heart attack. Sticking to 1500 – 1800 calories per day can prove beneficial for this type of weight loss.


For some people, type 2 diabetes can be reversed with the loss of 10 or 15 pounds. Weight loss can help improve glucose tolerance which supports how insulin is used. Weight loss can also help protect an individual from diabetes-related conditions such as certain eye diseases and neuropathy.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea frequently occurs in individuals who are already overweight. This condition happens when an individual temporarily stops breathing while asleep. This can sometimes occur 30 times an hour or more. Weight loss can improve sleep apnea for most people. When CPAP machines are used, inhaling and exhaling can become easier. Coupled with losing weight, this combination of a CPAP machine and healthy diet can ease symptoms of sleep apnea.

Blood Pressure

To improve blood pressure, extreme weight loss is not necessary. Dieting for just a few months can help stop the unwanted effects of uncontrolled blood pressure. When blood pressure is too high, the blood vessels can become strained. This causes stress to organs such as the brain, eyes, or kidneys. If high blood pressure is a consistent problem, it can become life-threatening.

Joint Pain

Knee pain can be especially prevalent in those who are overweight. With each extra pound added, four pounds of stress are placed on the knee joints. By losing just 5% body weight, the knees can feel stronger. This can also increase energy and flexibility.

Losing weight can help anyone look and feel great. By losing just a few extra pounds, many health conditions can be improved by the end of the year.