Health Benefits Of Green Tea You Didn’t Know

Health Benefits Of Green Tea You Didn't Know

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is one of the best herbal medicine. Researchers claims green tea could also boost metabolism. Helps to reduce fat belly. Doctors recommended for diabetic patients. Your diet contains no other added sugar. This Tea leaves have a delightful aroma. Drinking 4 cups of green tea is a healthy practice. Helps in slowing the rise of blood sugar in your body.

Improve Memory

Green tea is one of the best drinks that help improve brain function and prevents dementia. Consumption of hot tea  helps improve blood flow to the brain.

For Healthy Heart

Cardiac patients must replace drinks  with green tea. This tea Contains  essential vitamins and minerals, Helps to fight  against heart disease. In addition, reduced risk of death from heart disease.

Strengthens Teeth

Daily drinking of this tea is associated with improved dental health. Sugarless green tea prevents the formation of tartar. It is rich in tannins, flavonoids, fluoride (a substance that contains toothpaste) and antioxidants for healthy gums and tooth root. Many doctor’s recommended that daily consumption of green can reduce the LDL levels and increase the HDL levels.

Fat Burning

The EGCG in green tea that is one of the best properties helps   in fat burning. According to the Japanese man’s consumption of this tea can 4% increase overall metabolism.contains ECGC and polyphenols properties can burn extra 70-100 calories per day.

In addition, if you are using tea bags, you can get extra use, the air in your home will be more breathable and It will take to run. Also, the polyphenols in green tea and strong smell of smoke. Polyphenols and catechins are present in green tea contributes to combating pollution, UV rays.

For Healthy Skin

Helps to get rid of wrinkles and protect you from Aging, Because it contains Anti-aging properties and anti-inflammatory activities.