Having The Best Look With Lace Front Wigs

Having The Best Look With Lace Front Wigs

Lace wigs are sometimes known to be trimmed; custom fitted and has glue that allows it to be temporarily stacked around the hair line of an individual’s skin. The nature of the wig allows an individual to comfortably use the product without the fear of sending a message to people that she is wearing wig since it creates an image of an exact hairline impossible to tell where exactly the lace begins and where it ends. The human hair or the synthetic hair that is used during manufacturing is tied tight to the lace base and the beauty of using products that are easily found at Sassy Secret is that they are more natural and easier to style besides being easier to maintain, just like the lace front wigs.

The best type of this wig will depend on the lace that is used as the base of the wig, and these laces are usually lightweight and their popularity is unquestionable to their loyal users who can testify to customer’s satisfaction. They are widely loved by people since they can be tinted into different types of shades of brown and blend with various complexions. The laces that are supposed to be used, mostly rely on the style the wig is suppose to take and the hair that is supposed to be glued to. There are different types of laces and they include the French lace and the Swiss lace.

The advantage of French lace is that it’s thicker, comes in various colors and the product is more durable compared to other laces, it is also firm when touched. First time buyers are usually encouraged to go for this type of product since the maintenance that is required is less and the application process is also easier, thus those who have never used them will find them to be much easy to use for the first time. They also come in different forms, thus individuals who love thinner wigs will surely have something to wear and same applies to individuals who have crazy desire for the thicker ones.

Individual who have used wigs for longer time and have idea on how to maintain them can opt to go for the Swiss lace. This is because it is attention demanding and a lot of care is needed for its maintenance since it is more fragile and a little bit finer than the French lance. It blends better the user’s skin and its appearance is less visible. As much as the washing process has been known to be the most cause of wear and tear in wigs, the Swiss lace is very sensitive to the methods being used to handle it during its application and removals process and can easily be damaged since it so delicate in nature and should be handled with much care to increase the wigs lifespan. Given the different characteristic possessed by the two laces, most of Swiss lace wigs are combined with French lace to increase durability of the wig, using the French lace on the rest of the wig and the Swiss lace on both the front hairline and on the crown.

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