Graphic Design Vs. Web Design: Which Career Is Right For You?

Graphic Design Vs. Web Design Which Career Is Right For You

The world of digital has many possibilities. Since the advent of the internet and many other services related to it, our lives have changed. Not from only one perspective, but from every perspective. That is why it is right to say that our lives have become totally dependent on the internet and we do not even are bothered with that. Keep our everyday life in the side and focus on another factor which are jobs and the sources of income.

Since the internet has become the part of almost every sort of work, in one way or another business minded people are creating more ways to earn from it. That is why the major section of the employees in the world use internet anyhow.

Talking about the jobs related to the internet, there are two professions which are considered to be at the highest rated jobs. One is graphic designing, and the other one is web design. In a nutshell, the entire internet is based on the works of the people who are related to these two jobs. That is why every person who knows the power of the internet recommend its juniors to choose web designing or graphic designing as their future career. However choosing any one from it is a high involvement decision. That is why it is important to know about both of these jobs.

To discuss them in detail, I am going to write about the different aspects of both of these fields so you might get some help and can take the right decision for your future.

Job Duties:

Graphic designing and web designing are the two major types of designing in which you can earn you livings. However, the duties of both the designing are skill based. The graphic designers have to use all the designing elements in their work like images, typography and other graphic elements that help the business to promote their product. However, the graphic designers are also can be classified into two categories. One is the print media graphic designers who only work on those designs that have to be printed after completion. The second one is those graphic designers who only work for the digital mediums, and they don’t have to worry about the all the printing procedure after completion. Moreover, there are many graphic designers too who work for both mediums which are very good for overall career building. The job description of the graphic designer is diverse also. They are the responsible for designing the things like magazines, banners, posters, brochures, product packaging, social media image ads, infographics and all the other elements that a brand need. In a nutshell, the core job of the graphic designer is to create an appeal through his work.

Conversely, a web designer prioritizes the functionality. The job of the web designer is much technical and is a lot dryer than the graphic designers. The web designers have to deal with the programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, CSS, C++ and other languages. The web designer is responsible for using these languages and making the versatile websites that not only have to be entirely functional but also have to be aesthetically pleasing. Instead of working on the client’s demands, the web designer has to consider the things like screen resolution, load times, file size, responsiveness and other factors which every good website should have. In a nutshell, the major difference between the graphic designer and web designer job duties is that web designer is bounded with some restrictions and the graphic designer has an open ground to play with his all skills and creativity.

Required Education:

Because tools which both professions use are different, that why they need a different kind of education. However, the level of the degrees are equal, but subjects are different. The Graphic designer can get the degree in the computer arts, graphic designing and other sorts of related degree programs. Moreover, a diploma in the graphic designing could also be enough to get a quality job. Albeit, the web designing is a much technical job that is why companies prefer to hire the graduate degree holders instead of the diplomas. The web designer can choose the computer science or web and software development degree programs.


The paychecks of both the jobs vary due to different factors. The factors like experience and skills are the major ones. If a person is a highly skilled graphic designer, then he or she has greater chance to get a better-paid job instead of the graphic designer who has experience. Since graphic designing is a lot to do with creativity and being aware of all the new trends in designing. Conversely, the experience will always get preference in the web designing business. Since web designing is a bit technical job that is why the companies preferred to hire a person who is in this business for long and can handle any type of bug or error that can ruin the days of hard work.

Apart from this, there is great money in freelancing for people with these occupations. For example, if a web designer designs a website which can give buy assignment UK to the students, he will only get his standard salary or bonus at maximum. However if he gets this project as a freelancer, then he can a lot more than just a monthly payment.

Skills Required:

The amount of creativity which is required for both the jobs are same. Both the jobs need some skills like creative thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills. However, the skills of using the tools of performing both the jobs are different. The tools and the methods that a graphic designer has to use are more related to the art. It means that the graphic designer should have artistic mind or artistic approach to be successful in that job. Moreover, he or she should have a very good choice in colors and their analogies before trying their luck in the graphic designing.

As far as web designing is concerned, a web designer has to be expertise on the programming languages. He or she has to know all the languages on the finger tips to use them in the coding of different websites. Instead of an aesthetic and artistic side, the primary job of the web designer is to make the website functional which can not only drive traffic but hold them on the website.

Final Words:

Both of the jobs are the most demanded one in the world right now. For some, the skills are the only factor that creates difference. However, before choosing any one from it, do search the value of both the jobs in your locality.

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