Get More Internet Traffic Through Visual Branding

Freelance SEO Singapore brings you the latest tips as to how can you increase your websites internet traffic. It’s a human nature to get attracted to photos and visual graphics if are to choose between texts and them, you can use this psychology to your advantage. The recent online trends support this as people’s attention has shifted from blogging towards Instagram with people uploading millions of images per minute worldwide. Making your website more interactive through the use of images and visual element is the way to go as not only it will generate more traffic but also strengthen your brand image.

You can choose a specific color for your website and also make sure not to use more than four color variants on your website. Websites like Facebook and Flipkart have used the colour Blue majorly as their website color. After you have successfully chosen a color for your website then the next thing to include is image. Adding images to site serves great by making it more interactive, images also add more emphasis to various posts and messages. If you want to add your photos to the website then make sure the images are in high definition quality, while if you can’t arrange for HD photos you can easily get then from online sites like Getty Images if your budget allows that. If you are short on budget then you could visit the dollar store for leasing and buying high quality images.

The next thing you have to take care of is the layout of your website. The layout plays an important role as the viewers really get attracted to them, many sites use the drop down layout in which you continuously scroll the screen which would result in various images changing in the background. You can also watermark your site’s pages so if a user finds it anywhere on the web they can instantly recognize it as yours. Finally the last thing you have to take care of is the typography as in the font that you use on your website. Even if you have followed all the above steps but made a blunder in choosing your website’s font then it would send a wrong message and drive out traffic from your website. Freelance SEO Singapore advises you to choose the fonts for your website very carefully and if possible you can also take help of an expert to set the font for your website.