Gastric Balloon And Gastric band: What’s The Difference?

Gastric Balloon And Gastric band: What’s The Difference?

Are you seeking a gastric balloon orlap-band surgery Lubbock? If you seek a weight loss procedure that is helpful and reversible, you might have lessened your hunt down to the gastric balloon vs lap band. Both the procedures meet the standard of bringing healthy weight loss outcomes with the alternative of reversibility. But, there are also numerous differences between these two processes, and understanding these may assist you in making the most suitable choice for you and your well-being.

Difference between Gastric Balloon vs Lap Band

  1. Gastric balloon

The gastric balloon is for people having a BMI of 27-35. It involves interjecting a balloon in the tummy, which is inflated to the suitable size and sealed, leaving less room for foodstuff and making the person feel fuller faster.

The gastric balloon is fitted inside the stomach with the help of an endoscopic procedure through the oesophagus, which does not need any cuts. It is performed under local anaesthesia or mild sedation; it just takes around 20 minutes, and the patient is free to go back home on the same day.

The balloon is left inside the patient’s tummy just for six months, and when it stays there, it is not flexible. After 6 months, the balloon is taken out.

  1. Lap band

Lap-band surgery Lubbock is prescribed to patients with BMI above 35 and who need major weight loss; thus, it is employed in more extreme cases of overweight than those who utilize the gastric balloon.

In this surgery, a band is placed around the upper portion of the tummy so that it compresses the stomach dividing it into two sections, between which there is a thin channel: a tiny slot on the upper part and the rest of the tummy in the lower part. Like this, the first smaller room manages and restricts the quantity of food consumed, and the thin channel makes the stomach take longer to clear. In this method, the patient has a sensation of fullness with a lesser quantity of food, making him or her eat less and reduce weight.

The lap band is placed laparoscopically. This surgery is executed under general anaesthesia and lasts for one hour. Following this weight loss surgery Lubbock, the patient should stay hospitalized until the next day.

If you need any of the two procedures, find the best nearby bariatric hospital.