Gambling Superstitions Around The World

Superstitions have always been part of human culture already in the I century BC. These were generally beliefs that had connections with luck and spiritual beings. But even today, with the great success achieved by man in science and technology, it is surprising that there are still many people who believe in these superstitions.

Online and ground games in the casino abound with superstitions, probably because the win depends on luck, and many players will do everything to improve their luck and their chances of winning. There are players who have their happy tables, their happy machine or even their happy dealer or the happy online casino Some of these superstitions in the game are quite trustworthy, while others seem completely absurd. So, what are gambling superstitions around the world?

An example is the subroutines that players usually perform before throwing dice, blowing on them, kissing them or rubbing them between their hands. Explanations of this behavior are different. Some say that blowing the bone leads to fairy fairies, so that the result is favorable for the jug. It is said that a kiss in the bone gives positive vibrations, and rubbing the bones between the hands, it heats the bones enough to lead to a “hot” victory in a row. Whatever the explanation, all of them, of course, presumably lead to the fact that the pitcher becomes the winner. However, there are some players who see these actions as unfavorable, since they tend to slow or slow the game.

There are also numerous amulets, which, according to players, bring them luck. It is said that the four leaf clover gives good luck, because the only leaf is a rare find. The foot of the rabbit, especially the left hind leg, not only brought good luck, but also served as a defense. To cause these favorable effects, you need to wipe the rabbit’s foot before the game starts. The horseshoe amulet had its origin in Europe, because it was associated with its pagan goddesses of the Moon, and it is said that the horseshoe carrier calls the luck of these goddesses.

There are also many spells that players are encouraged to do already on the night before the game to give them an endless winning streak during games. These spells usually involve the collection of various objects, such as “magic” oils, candles, incense and tarot cards. Others are ordered to rub magical oil on money that they plan to use for bets, while others are ordered to render and cast spells by placing their hands on objects.

Some adhere to certain rituals, believing that it is these rituals that bring them luck. Some of them prepare special hand washing using various herbs, such as alfalfa, berries, tweets, Irish moss, chamomile, choriosps and calendula. Before you play, wash your hands with this special hand wash. Some bathe in a special formula of salt water, blue stone, sugar and rose oil mixed with their own urine!

And last but not least: there are those who consult with the books of dreams. They say that these books interpret certain dreams in numbers, and also show signs in dreams of happy days to bet and win.

Author of the article is Patrick Roth, a famous blogger from Germany. He writes a lot for popular gaming magazines and platforms.