Free Whois Searches and What You Can Do Using Them

At times, people want to know a lot more information than what a particular website has on offer for its customers. Say, you are on a specific website looking for some specific information. You may find the desired information on some page of the website along with a lot of other information too. What if a question suddenly hits your mind and you expect that you will find its answer in their frequently asked questions page only to discoverer they don’t have it? You will probably look for their contact details as the next step. And if the website doesn’t have that either, you will end up with a great deal of disappointment. Well, there is no need to get disheartened as you can make use of a free whois API to be able to contact the website.

Detailed Contact Info

If the owner of the website has the website registered under his name, you will be able to successfully locate him in the search results provided by Whois. All you need to do is just key in the concerned website address correctly. Most of the time, you will be provided with the phone number, email address and the ordinary mail address of the owner so that you can choose the method by which you can contact them most conveniently. But for this service to be applicable, it’s extremely necessary that the registration of a particular website has not been done by a web hosting company but by the owner himself.

Information Related to Webhosting

If you are thinking of having a website of your own and you have been heavily impressed by the way another website operates. You may want to know, which company provided the webhosting for it. It may not be a very important piece of formation for some, but for many it’s a subject of interest. So what do you do? Choose the same webhosting company for your website too. How? With the help of free Whois API that will allow you to identify great web hosting services without even having to ask. You must have never thought before, finding web hosting information could be so easy. Right?

Finding the Availability of a Domain

No matter who you are and what you do, you can launch your own website if you wish to. So, if you are really interested in setting up a website of your own, you will need to get a domain for it first. Although it sounds like a matter of lark, it isn’t in reality. A layman would search for a web address on a search engine generally. Sometimes the site doesn’t come up and might let one into thinking that it isn’t registered. With the help of Whois API search, you can find out whether a particular domain is available for use or is taken up already. And the best part is that, Whois look up and domain availability searches are for free.

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