For Haris Ahmed Chicago’s Lincoln Park Truly Is The Best Neighborhood In Town

One Chicago’s most loved communities is Lincoln Park. For Haris Ahmed Chicago wouldn’t be what it is today, without this neighborhood. So what makes the block of Lincoln Park so special? Could it be its fantastic entertainment opportunities and abundance of trees? That is certainly a part of it, yes. But is also the fact that people of the block are the most synergetic of all people in Chicago. They have redefined what the urban lifestyle is. It is charming, with old style architecture made of Greystone and brownstone. Meanwhile, it has old blocks of flats, converted into huge luxurious homes for families. It really is the place to be.

On Haris Ahmed Chicago’s Lincoln Park

Ahmed, who also calls Romeoville his home, loves the fact that Lincoln Park manages to be a little bit of everything. Because it also neighbors DePaul University, it has a distinct college town look and feel, but it is also home to families. DePaul University was originally known as St. Vincent’s College and first opened its doors in 1898. Then, it was charged with educating people from a Catholic perspective, and it still does this today. In fact, it is one of the most respected private Catholic universities in the country and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Lincoln Park, as the name suggests, is also home to a beautiful park. This is some 1,200 acres in sizes, covered with beautiful shores and amazing greenery. Women take their children here, boyfriends their girlfriends, families hang out, groups of youths congregate, and more. It is a hubbub of activity that visitors and residents alike can enjoy. Originally, the park was called Lake Park, however, in 1865, it changes its name to Lincoln Park in honor of the assassinated president. Today, the park is home to various jogging paths and the city is even paid to maintain these in winter time, ploughing them free of snow. There are various athletic and baseball fields, as well as public barbeques to enjoy.

Last but not least, there is the Lincoln Park zoo. This is one of the best places to enjoy lightshows as well, with a display around Christmas time. Walking through the zoo around the evening, holding on to a delicious and hot cup of hot chocolate is like a little piece of heaven for everybody. Plus, there are some 50,000 different plants to enjoy at Lincoln Park Conservatory, which has four key areas to visit, being:

  1. The Orchid House.
  2. The Show House.
  3. The Palm House.
  4. The Fern Room.

For those with a bit more money to spend, there are some fantastic designer stores to enjoy, and some of the world’s best restaurants. If you are visiting, then don’t miss Toast or Charlie Trotters. Plus, the nightlife at locations such as Katacomb, Kozmo’s and the US Beer Company is not to be missed.

It should be clear why Lincoln Park is such a fantastic place to be.