Football: The Most Popular Sport In The Whole World

football on green grass

Football which is also known as soccer, is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the whole world. Even the term football is enough to delight the billions of fans located throughout the world, from the busiest streets in London to the remote locations in Africa. Officially known as Association Football, most of the fans simply call it football. People associate joy, happiness, celebration, heartbreak, disappointment, sorrow- in short every form of human emotions with this game that is played by almost every nation in this world.

Various surveys proved that in terms of participants and spectators, it enjoys huge popularity among the people. It is estimated that comprehensively there are over a hundred million football players in the world and viewers are estimated over a billion. Like any other person in the world, Jonathan Bunge is also a huge football enthusiast. He regularly follows the matches of European football, national football and all the international matches. One of the main reasons that he points out which is behind the popularity of this game is- the constant struggle for scoring a goal of 90 minutes. The spectators always remain at the edge of their seats. Very few games apart from football gives such excitement and thrill to the spectators.

The proper structuring of the game and professionalism began after the institutionalization of FIFA. Soon the World Cup got organized which gives fans from around the world to engage in immense euphoria and excitement. Though the finals of the World Cup are played by 32 teams, it is equally enjoyed by people of those nations which did not qualify in the competition. The World Cup is regularly held after every four years in which the European and South American nations have excelled. But gradually since the late 80s, the Asian countries and African nations are gradually becoming prominent names who compete in this tournament with equal zeal and effort. Apart from this world championship, continental tournaments and national club tournaments made this game equally popular in every country, from scarcely populated Iceland to the rising power South Korea.

This is the game that unites people around the world who have different cultures, languages, religion and ethnicity. The passion and fervor exhibited by this game of association football is unmatched. It dominates almost all the countries and even in those countries where this game is not so popular it is gradually making its mark. The game of football can be played in any field with minimum requirement. It just needs a football and nothing else. The easy to learn rules and simple regulations to follow, it is a pure delight for every young child.

Jonathan Bunge also started loving the game since his childhood. Playing this game with friends and cousins always remains a cherished memory for all. Like him, many people around the world also believes that this game of soccer will continue to dominate the world of sports in the coming decades. The names of skilled footballers will continue to enchant the hearts of every football fan.