Find New Places For Some Objects In The Living Room

Find New Places For Some Objects In The Living Room

There is nothing better than placing new objects right after the home maintenance. It will ensure a fresh and new look of the rooms, especially when it`s the room where most time is spent – the living room. Make all the usual and ordinary cleaning activities and take a look at some after-maintenance ideas and advices.

Enhance the style and design of the walls via new roundup – hooks, hangers and racks. They are always useful when you invite more guests and friends, as well as provide your living room with an awesome highlight and contrast when they are empty. Place three or four double hooks right behind the front door, but a little bit aside so they can be seen even when the door is open. If you use the living room mostly by yourself or with your family – hooks with a beautiful outlook should be a greater choice, like hooks finished in metal and wood parts. By contrast, if you your friends visit you quite frequently – use practical hooks with a not so extravagant design like small hooks on a wooden rail or a hook rack. They can handle a lot of coats, bags and other hanging objects. Moreover, there are removal hooks that are perfect for changing their place within different corners in the living room. What better way to place them when empty in the middle of a clean wall so to transform into the picture perfect addition to the newly cleaned atmosphere, as well as move them to a not so visible place when needed!

Right after the maintenance – keep the clean effect by placing a few new small carpets and rugs. Find ones that can merge seamlessly with the rest of the visible areas on the floor. Carpets with wool and silk knots create a great combination for almost all the hardwood floorings and they are also perfect for laminate floorings. The best thing is that the small and light carpets are some of the easiest removal objects that ensure easier maintenance and so they can be placed at different spots in the living room according to the days and the mood.

Another great hint is to fulfill the sofa or the daybed with decorative cushions. They are also easy to move and to place over other objects without the need of moving furniture in order to refresh the look of the living room after the maintenance. Just take a couple or more colorful cushions from the sofa and place them on the table for a decoration when it`s not used. This will ensure an extraordinary and original look of the table, especially when it comes to a small side table that looks like it can`t handle a great weight.

Spa and Zen objects that boast your alter ego and invite a unique sense of comfort. They may include Zen candlesticks or simple homemade objects like large transparent bottles filled with white round stones and pebbles. Just find the best place for them – on the shelves or on the table. Another great hint is to put gently that Zen bottle right on the floor and next to a wall so it can become something like an impressive 3D visualization that is a part of the floor.

What better way to make your windows looking like new, than placing new curtains! Or else, break the rules with large open umbrellas hanging from the frames of the windows instead of curtains. For more home maintenance or house moving and storage tips visit this website.

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