Fashionable Selections For The Weekend


The weekend always offers a much needed break from the mundane work week. Between hanging out with friends, lounging at home, and going out on the town, the weekend provides the best opportunities to experiment with showstopping outfits. Whether you love to layer, mix and match, or keep things basic, find new inspiration for the perfect weekend outfit with these incredibly fashionable selections, individually curated for all of your weekend plans.

The Movies

Whether you’re catching the newest flick with the girls or going on a date night with your man, get sassy with a simple, black dress and red suede sandals with fringe. This occasion also calls for a cute, long sleeve hoodie to stay comfortable in the cold theater—bring a laid back vibe to your classy outfit!

Movies are usually a time where your expert fashion choices are hidden in the dark, but don’t let yourself get lazy. Keep your outfit on point just in case you head out for dinner and drinks afterwards.

The Club

Clubs can get hot, crowded, and noisy. Stay comfortable and dance the night away with something short and not too clingy. Since summer is the perfect time to wear rompers, wear your favorite new statement piece, instead of the tight go-to dress you always wear. Throw on a loose, bright flowered romper or a black v-neck and lace piece, and dance the night away in classic black heels.

If rompers aren’t your style, put the ace into lace with a one-sleeve, wraparound dress with sheer lace detailing on the bust and back. Keep your colors simple with a solid navy or violet hue, and let the lace stand out against your skin.

The Beach

Hitting up the beach this summer means withstanding the sun and the heat, not to mention the sand and salt. After you’ve put on a ton of sunscreen, grab some faded, high waisted shorts and a crop top. Channel your inner 70s chic and avoid ruining new clothes by wearing vintage and rustic pieces.

Match your sandals with your top or keep it simple with flip flops to stay comfortable on the sand. Keep the top loose and breezy with light cotton material, and ensure that you look fabulous under the sun.

The Promenade

Whether you like to frequent the indoor mall or the outdoor shopping center, consider your footwear first when out for a long day of shopping. Pair a floaty skater dress with some colorful kicks for a relaxed style that indicates a lot of flirty femininity.

If you’re wandering inside of an air conditioned center, consider some summer layering with a tank top beneath a sheer blouse. Top it off with a raglan or cardigan from District Clothing that can be easily folded away in your purse. You can also wear a maxi skirt and tee to keep your outfit breathable and comfortable.

The Date Night

On your next date night, remind your man why he fell for you in the first place. Show off your best asset when deciding what to wear for the night’s adventures. If your legs are the main event, wear shorts and espadrilles for an active night out. If you’re preparing for a dinner date, choose a bandage dress that stops just above the knee and opt for sky high heels.

 If you feel that your arms and shoulders are showstoppers, go strapless with a full length maxi dress and sandals. You can also lengthen your legs with high-waisted pants and a strapless crop top. Once you’ve figured out where you want to draw the most attention, make sure it stands out no matter where you go.

The House Party

House parties usually have a laid back atmosphere, which means you shouldn’t overdress. Walk the line between fun and sophisticated with an outfit that combines all of the fun weekend elements.

Choose distressed jeans with a shirt in a color that complements your eyes. Avoid bodycon dresses or stilettos, as they’ll make you look out of place. If you love heels and want to lengthen your legs, go for wedges to keep your outfit fashionably casual.

Don’t Let the Weekend Get Away

Weekends are always too short; before you know it, it will be time to get back to work. Don’t let your weekend be drab—ramp up every weekend occasion with chic outfits that stand out. Whether you’re with your friends, your man, or on your own, there’s always a reason to look incredible.

As the work week progresses and Friday gets closer once again, start thinking about how to dress up for your weekend plans. Be prepared for every occasion and look stunning no matter the event!