Factors to Keep in Mind before Buying Your Wife the Perfect Watch

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You were dreading this! Your wife is mad at you for forgetting her birthday and you promised her the moon and back to win her. Now, she demanded you find and buy her the perfect watch!

Well, here is where the confusion arises! When it comes to buying the perfect watch, there are so many things to consider –

  • Her choice
  • The watch design
  • The perfect watch case for women

And, the list goes on! So, if you find yourself flabbergasted with what to get your picky wife, do not worry! This blog has the answer to your predicament. Check out the following things to keep in mind to buy your wife that ideal watch.

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Get that Wrist Sized Up

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is the diameter or shape of your wife’s wrist. It is thick, thin, or medium? The size of the wrist impacts which timepiece would flatter her best.

To do this take a measuring tape and a piece of paper. Cut the paper into a strip and wrap it around your wife’s wrist. Now, mark the endpoint with a pen. Once done place the paper flat on the ground and use the measuring tape to find the correct dimensions.

If the wrist is above 18 cm it is thick, below 18 cm is around medium and a wrist measuring 14-16 is slender. Well, now that you know the tip to get the wrist size right,

Time to Pick the Right Watch

Analyze Preference

Does your wife like subtle feminine watches, or is she more into a masculine design? Try to see her previous purchases to get an insight. For example, if she’s into more manly styles she might opt for buying pure leather. This means her watch band will be slightly heavier.

If she’s a corporate working lady she might prefer a watch that features a lot of details. For example, she might like a watch with crowns, sub-dials, markers and hands. However, most of these features will suit a woman with a slightly thicker wrist.

If you find she’s into minimal features her wrists might be on the slender side. Furthermore, check if she’s into chain watches or pocket watches. Depending on your finding try to look for similar or better designs that might suit her needs.

Find the best Watch Case

If you’re spending good money on a costly watch you must pick the best watch case for women to suit it. To pick the watch case, it is vital to consider the wrist diameter in advance. So, assuming that her wrist is between 14-18 cm opt for selecting either a small or medium watch case. The ideal sizes here would be between 38-42 mm.

After diameter, also consider the watch thickness. This should be in proportion to the watch diameter. Now, the more the diameter the thickness should go up. In general, a 38-42 mm diameter case requires a thickness of 7mm.

Well, now that you know of the most important factors to consider when getting the perfect watch for your wife, why worry? Shop with confidence and win her over like a pro!

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