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First of all, you yourself understand how important it is to determine your rates before the first communication with customers. If not, then everything is bad. After all, there is nothing worse when a customer knocks on you, and you have to answer something incomprehensible to the question of price. Our advice you should have a page on the site business card (for a start) with rates for all your basic services. Second, do not inflate prices at first. You are not known to anyone, so in order to get the first customers, it’s better than your price be 10-15% below the market average. From DeveloClub you will now have the best options.

Where and how to search for a customer?

You should not neglect the traditional search methods, for example, register on popular freelance exchanges and arrange your page with a description of services and examples of work. Although this will give you a stream of customers, it is better to try more channels, especially if you have empty orders in the column. Therefore, they are very interested in design services. Practically at any large forum, there is a section “Design”. Carefully read this section, see what works there sell, at what rates. Do something similar and put up for sale there.

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You can also spend some time and make redesigns of popular working sites on the Internet that have absolutely no design. The main thing is not to sit waiting for a miracle and the fact that a line of customers will line up to you.

How to communicate with the customer?

Hurray, you have the first potential customer who is interested in your services. Immediately we advise trying to find out as precisely as possible what the customer wants to receive as a result. For example, ask him to show websites on the Internet that he likes and ask what would he not like to see. And never underestimate the terms of the order, as if you did not want! It is better to always add 10-15% of the total number of days for the safety net. So you can do the work earlier and please the client, which is clearly better than the other way around). For your search for the web designer near me, the perfect results are there.

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How to carry out an order?

First, you must receive a technical assignment (TK) from the customer. After some time (depending on complexity), provide the customer with a site layout in jpeg. Usually, this is the home page, the post page and the secondary page. The amount should always be discussed in advance.

Do we need to somehow ensure against being thrown at money?

For a start, before you communicate with the client, look at the history of its existence on the Internet. What are his sites, where he lives, what his reputation, how much it is available? If the client is doubtful, then refuse and do not the risk. Always take some amount (up to 50% of the total check) as a prepayment after the approval of the layout.