Expert’s Answers To Questions Regarding Hair Laser Removal

Expert’s Answers To Questions Regarding Hair Laser Removal

Want to get rid of hair on your face or other parts of the body– you might want to first get rid of your razor and shaving stick. And waxing– sort of painful, it’s not so effective and the pain isn’t worth. Inter alia, it’s boiled down to availing an advanced and efficient approach to permanently remove hair from your body. For that, the laser technology comes into play.

If you want go for laser hair treatment, to be precise, the XEO procedure, you might want to learn some facts beforehand in order to avoid mistakes. Here are three common questions asked by most people before going for the procedure and answers from experts:

1. Does laser hair removal hurts?

It would be a blatant lie to tell you that laser doesn’t hurt at all. All things held constant, it it’s twice less pain than waxing. The amount of pain you would feel depend of your skin type and texture and area of treatment. Sort of a bit of a prickle or sting, the pain last for a second or two. For sensitive skin, the pain may be stronger and last longer. For that, the laser device is adjusted to reduce the amount of wavelength of energy it produces during treatment in order to minimize pain.

2. How long does the arrangement take?

Let’s say approximately thirty to forty minutes within you can book an appointment get to meet your doctor to have you prep for the procedure which period depends on the area of the body. In an outpatient process, the treatment is completed within 3 minutes for lips and a few minutes for chest, back or leg. Sequel to treatment, appointments for extra care and guide will take lesser time.

3. How does laser treatment work?

For efficiency, initial treatment is followed by subsequent treatments– five or may be six sessions with an interval of one year between each session as usually recommended by qualified doctors. For people who are not very hairy, initial treatment might do and for that, there wouldn’t be need for extra procedures.

What is the downtime?

Other than the pain you feel during treatment, there is zero or no downtime. For the record, you can go back to work or your normal day to day life as soon as you are done with the procedure.

How expensive is it?

A little more expensive than waxing. And in light of its popularity and availability at several clinics, there’s been a significant cutdown in the price range for different procedures. The amount you will pay to have the hair of an area of your body removed depends on the area and your skin type. Unlike in time past when you have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to get laser treatment, these days, it cost a few dollars. A much more effective and advanced procedure compared to others, laser is worth the price, time and pain.