Exciting News About The 2016 Camry

Exciting News About The 2016 Camry

Toyota is well-known for manufacturing quality and affordable vehicles that are well made, such as the 2016 Toyota Camry which is probably why it and its hybrid have become the number one selling intermediate vehicle throughout North America.

There are many excellent reasons why the 2016 Camry mid-size sedan is so popular with the in-crowd, such as its sharp and sleek looking exterior and extremely comfortable, spacious and very stylish interior, not to mention its smooth ride and how great it handles on the road, to name but a few of the reasons these cars are flying off the lots. Be sure to check out the great Toyota deals at Toyota Fremont.

The Camry is excellent on gas and you actually have the choice of what type of powertrain you want, for example, you can go with the V6 motor as it has great get up and go and is good on fuel, or you can go with a hybrid powertrain, if that suits your needs better. More and more people are actually going with the hybrid Camry for a variety of reasons, one of the main ones of course being the cost of gas, as the price as skyrocketed and shows no sign of getting cheaper anytime soon.

Toyota has an excellent reputation for keeping their customers happy by coming out with new and innovative vehicles and features, such as their hydrogen car for example, which can travel over 500 km on one tank of hydrogen and amazingly has zero emissions, so the vehicle is 100% pollution free.

Although the 2016 Camry doesn’t run on hydrogen yet, Toyota has come out with some exciting news about a 2016 Camry SE( special edition), that is only going to be available in limited quantities, as well as they have decided to increase the amount of features that are going to become standard on many of the models, so you are going to be getting more Camry for less money. Be sure to take a look at Stevens Creek Toyota to see what they have to offer.