Excellent Tips To Choose An Appropriate Sunscreen For Skin Protection

In summer, it’s important to remember that before leaving your home, be it for shopping, playing or hanging out with friends, applying sunscreen is a must, so as to protect the skin from sunburns and damage. The harmful sun rays can not only cause suntan but can also lead to skin ageing prematurely.

Applying sunscreen is one of the vital parts of skin care. Sunscreens are available in a variety of forms like gel, sticks, braid spectrum, and lotions. But is important to know whether the selected sunscreen for face is right for you or not.

Know your Sunscreen

Protection from UVB rays is accessed through SPF ratings. It is frugal to get a sunscreen with higher SPF so as to get enough protection even if you don’t apply it in sufficient amounts.

Likewise, PA rating indicates protection against UVA rays. If there are more +’s in front of PA, protection given by sunscreen is better. Therefore, you should go with a face sunscreen with more PA ratings.

Things to Know before Buying a Sunscreen

  • Manufacturing Date

Fresher the sunscreen means better is its efficiency. The contents of sunscreen break down easily, even when on the shelf. Therefore, it’s essential to get the freshest possible stock. Try to finish one, before buying another so that you don’t have a stock of sunscreens in your closet.

  • Brand

It’s always good to go for a known brand. If it’s possible, buy international brands. Brands in U.S. are certified by FDA and have very strict governance on sunscreens’ certification.

  • No Harmful Ingredients

Make sure that the sunscreen that you are buying doesn’t contain dangerous ingredients. Avoid sunscreens having zinc oxide as it can make your face look ghostly and pale. You should go for a sunscreen having titanium oxide.

  • Go for a Cream(Not Powder or Spray)

Powder and spray sunscreens are minerals based and have nanoparticles which can enter the bloodstream, leading to health issues. Therefore, it’s better to avoid such products and switch to cream based sunscreens.

  • Sunscreen with SPF 30 or Higher

Before buying any sunscreen, check its SPF range mentioned on package of sunscreen. A sunscreen offering above SPF 15 gives decent protection. However, if you want flawless protection, choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above.

  • Sweat and Water Resistant

Select a sunscreen which is water and sweat resistant so that you are comfortable while going out to beach or for a walk.

  • Kid-friendly Sunscreen

Kids also need sunscreens as adults do. However, you need to be careful before selecting a sunscreen for them as they have more sensitive skin than adults and ingredients in skin may be harmful for skin.

There are some cream based sunscreens made especially for kids. These sunscreens are benzophenones and para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) free and are gentle on skin.

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