Everything You Need To Know About DIY Dry Cleaning!

Majority of you may agree with the fact that Laundry cleaning is a never ending task and the most disliked one too. But still, one has to make it a part of daily chores and perform regular laundry cleaning. 

There are different approaches for cleaning the laundry that can be done with the help of professional dry cleaner or even staying at the home. Also, in order to reduce the complexity of the cleaning process, one can look for different DIY laundry cleaning methods that help in making cleaning process easy. The same goes with the dry cleaning methods too. For the clothes that are delicate or sensitive to normal cleaning requires dry cleaning. For making the dry cleaning process easier, there are some of the DIY guidelines that make the task easier. 

As a result, in order to help you out, below are listed some of the important DIY dry cleaning guidelines by one of the best dry cleaning service providers in Brooklyn. Let us have a quick glance over those guidelines:

Things Required for DIY Dry Cleaning: For the DIY dry cleaning process, there are different types of home dry cleaning kits available in the market that are environment-friendly and at the same time quite favorable for clothes. Also, as they provide the users with the greater convenience and are cost effective, this method is is used by the majority of the people.

Pros and Cons of DIY Dry Cleaning:

  • Pros:

    • DIY dry cleaning is safe for most of the fabrics

    • The home dry cleaning is convenient to use and just takes 30 minutes or so.

    • It freshens the cloth, especially during in-between wearings. Also, it helps in removing body odors and smoke from the fabrics.

    • The DIY laundry cleaning is less expensive as compared to the professional dry cleaning and is cost effective.

    • This method works great, especially for the knit garments.

  • Cons:

    • The home-based DIY dry cleaning doesn’t work well on the grease-based stains or the heavily soiled clothes.

    • The clothes can be overly perfumed after dry cleaning. As a result, one has to try different types of perfumes that suit their taste.

    • For the tailored garments, such as suit coats and trousers, it doesn’t give a freshly pressed look.

Tips to Use Home-Based DIY Dry Cleaning Kits: The home-based DIY dry cleaning kit will generally include the following:

  • An instruction booklet

  • A stain removal solution

  • Heat activated moist dry cleaning towelettes

  • Absorbent pads for the stain removal

  • Reusable cleaning bag for dryer

Dry Cleaning Procedure with DIY Dry Cleaning Kit: The method of using the dry cleaning kit is listed with proper instructions in the instruction booklet. Read the instruction booklet and follow the simple to use manufacturer’s directions for getting better dry cleaning results. The spot treating stains, as its name suggests use the solution and absorbent pads in order to prevent the spreading of stain to the other areas of the garment. Then you need to place the garments in the sealable dryer bag with the moist towelettes that is being further treated with the dry cleaning solvent. Set the dryer on medium to high heat, almost for 30 minutes.

Some Important Tips:

  • Button or zip the garments in order to help them hold their shape.

  • You can use white paper towels in case if you misplace or run out of the absorbent pads.

  • In order to avoid your clothes from getting overly wrinkled, don’t overstuff the cleaning bags.

  • Group the similar fabric weights as well as colors together. Avoid mixing the light silk garments with the heavy woolen sweaters.

  • Immediately lay or hang the garments as soon as you remove them from the cleaning bag.

Conclusion: With the DIY dry cleaning kits, one can experience convenience to dry clean their clothes according to their convenience. Also, as they are safe, reliable and easy to use home-based kits, one can treat water-based or light stains easily with these kits.