Everything You Need To Know About Designed Clinical Nutrition

Everything You Need To Know About Designed Clinical Nutrition

The need for Designed Clinical Nutrition:

For a better understanding of what actually designed clinical nutrition is, it is better to break the entire term into three different words.

  • Designed: Made for a special purpose based on a particular plan.
  • Clinical: Referring to the end results of the clinical activity.
  • Nutrition: Food generated by nature, that helps the body in getting complete nourishment to repair on its own that might help in growing healthfully.

Now, when you know what each term specifies, it becomes easy to understand that they are a package of all the nutrients of the food in form of a capsule or a tablet kept in vacuum condition, in a cold process system that aids in preserving all the necessary active enzymes and the essential components that give the body the same benefit as the nature. These supplements are specially made to complete the nutritional needs of the body; that was determined by a test of an individual nutrition response that helped in determining the active response testing reflexes. These are those nutrients that human body misses or could not assimilate in the regular diet plan. This may result in deficiencies that may lead to weakness and can sometimes be fatal.

Natural Vitamins: Vitamin capsules or tablets that you get today are not completely made from the natural contents but, they only contain a minute percentage of nature derived contents to label themselves as “Natural.” The truth is, these vitamins are not extracted from whole food, and that is the reason they make human body more deficient of the proper nutritional count thereby making the body reach a situation of out-of-balance. They can be a reason for many of the health problems as they do not contain the necessary ingredients that are found in the nature that helps in proper functioning of the body.

Now the question comes are all the supplements the same? The answer is No! There are over -the-counter vitamins that are the chemical fractions of the vitamins that are engineered pharmaceutically. They can never be termed as the whole food they are just additional supplements needed after it gets the necessary intake in the form of food.

There are many nutrition centers that perform a body reflex test to determine what is the current requirement of the body and what nutrients are lacking. After the tests, they prescribe the necessary supplements suitable for the body. IT is advisable that you consult a nutrition specialist and know what nutrients are required by your body for healthy living.