Etiquette Tips For On A Chartered Crew Yacht – For The Best Vacation Experience

Etiquette Tips For On A Chartered Crew Yacht - For The Best Vacation Experience

First timers going on a crewed charter will certainly need some guidelines on what to expect. Obviously, crew will have simple and complicated tasks to perform for their guests. They try to make your cruise memorable and cater to all the reasonable requests. True, you rent a yacht to enjoy but you too should behave with courtesy, just like how you would want the staff members to be nice to you.

What to Expect?

  • Every morning, they will discuss daily itinerary in accordance to weather conditions
  • The crew will work hard to keep the yacht clean
  • You will be taken to your dream anchorage
  • At sunset, they will be waiting with all kinds of beverages
  • Meals will be cooked as per your taste and choice
  • They will teach or allow you to steer the yacht under supervision
  • You will be shown the best snorkeling spot jam-packed with tropical fish and incredible corals
  • Kids will enjoy learning how to make knots from them

They really care about their reputation. An after-cruise report filled with complains means trouble for them.

How to behave?

Problems arise especially in two vital scenarios.

Safety – You may desire to visit this great anchorage or request something that involves safety, but the Captain denies it currently because the sea weather conditions are unfavorable, then it is suggested that you ‘DO NOT INSIST’. Your yacht captain is a professional and is responsible for everyone’s safety, present on the yacht. Try not to push him, as it is a matter of your safety.

General courtesy – Crews fear situations when guests are arrogant, discourteous, unreasonably messy, and noisy after drinking. Some guests even treat crew members as slaves. In fact, each one of the crew members is a professional. They try hard to make your itinerary the best, so treat them in the best possible way. An opposite behavior can turn your cruise experience into a nightmare.

Etiquettes to follow Onboard a Yacht

While going onboard, the captain will professionally brief you about the do and don’ts because he is responsible for guest and vessel safety.

  • Shoes are not allowed to be worn, while onboard. It can damage the expensive teak decks and leave skid marks everywhere
  • Avoid smoking in cabins
  • Follow the instructions related to freshwater usage in shower, after swimming rinse-offs, and toilets
  • On cruise power inverters are used to supply power. High voltage appliances may not be compatible, so ask before you cause major damage to the yachts electrical system.
  • Switch the lights off, whenever they are not needed.
  • Follow the yachts safety rules strictly, if you are sailing at night and desire to wander on the deck.
  • Avoid using the kitchen equipment, unless you are invited.
  • Professional crews are not babysitters.
  • Tolerance level for illegal activities is zero on yachts. The vessel can get seized or lose its license, and thus if you are doing anything wrong, your captain and crew are sure to turn you to the authorities.

You are on a vacation, so enjoy the services offered by professional crew members. Allow the sun, water and awesome landscape attract and relax you!