Essential Tools Every Electrician Should Own

Essential Tools Every Electrician Should Own

When it comes to working as an electrician, you can’t do your job without the right tools at your disposal. Sure, you could get by with using makeshift methods or even nothing at all, but if you want to be efficient and get the job done correctly, you’ll need access to quality tools. If you are starting in this field or are simply looking to expand your tool collection, keep reading for information on five tools every electrician should own.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a power tool that provides rotational torque to drive screws and other fasteners into materials such as wood or drywall. Cordless drills use rechargeable batteries to provide constant power, so you’re never working without an energy source. This is especially helpful if you need to go up and down multiple levels while installing shelving, for example. Cordless drills also come with a variety of interchangeable bits that can adapt to any job you have at hand.

Electric Conduit Bender

Electric benders for rigid conduit make installations easier. Electricians should own a hand-held electric bender or use their partner’s, but they shouldn’t bend rigidly at home. Using your hands to bend metal causes injuries like cuts and fractures, even if you wear gloves. An electric bender costs less than $100 and is well worth it for its safety benefits alone.

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is a must for all electricians. Invest in a durable metal version that can go into tight spaces or get wet if necessary. Make sure you choose a measuring tape that locks into place to make your job easier.


When outfitting your electrician toolkit, opting for a heavy-duty flashlight is a better alternative to relying on your smartphone’s flashlight. Having a flashlight handy can help you make sure you don’t miss any of those tiny, often hard-to-reach screws. It’s also great for illuminating dark areas that are usually out of sight when working on an electrical project.

Voltage Tester

A voltage tester is a tool used by electricians to ensure there is no voltage running through an object. An electrician should always carry one of these with them and be able to use it quickly. If you’re planning on getting into electrical work, getting a voltage tester will keep you safe from potentially dangerous situations on the job.

Electricians have plenty of tools at their disposal to help them do their job well and safely. Keep this information in mind as you put together your tool kit of electrician essentials.