Enrich Your CS:GO Account With Added Excitement

Most recently, CS:Go, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has implemented certain changes in order to facilitate its experimental pursuit. On account of its Prime Account Matching, CS:Go began with the experiment to determine if the players can enjoy a better matchmaking experience when matched with the players using phone-linked CS:GO account. Once you upgrade your account to Prime status, you can enjoy an altogether varied experience. The new updated version with additional features and functions is expected to enhance your gaming skills and pleasure. To upgrade your account to Prime status, you need to provide your qualifying phone number. However, to relish the brand new experience, buy cs go smurf Accounts by updating your CS:GO account to prime account status.

Buy CS:GO Smurf Accounts to Have More Thrill

As hinted previously, CS:GO is experimenting to find if the gamers can take a better matchmaking experience while they are linked with other gamers, using a CS:GO account connected via phone. In order to join the exciting experiment, just upgrade your cs go ranked accounts. The new experiment will give you exposure to a fresh new features. This will excite your nerves, as the game has become more realistic than ever before. Moreover, now you have more living rivals how will counter your action at every step. The new features have been added to entice the players with a live gaming experience.

Just click the UPGRADE button given below and update your cs go ranked accounts. Now, your qualifying phone number will bind to the Prime status. However, make sure that your phone number is already registered in order to qualify the update. However, in case you provide a phone number that doesn’t match the qualifying phone number registered earlier, you will receive a notification. Also note that Prime Account Matchmaking does not entertain particular types of phone numbers like VOIP numbers and the carriers. Now, when your stream phone number does not qualify then you got to re-associate your stream account while providing a qualifying phone number. However, the players who are owning multiple CS:GO accounts, can update their favorite version, as only one account can be updated with the qualifying phone number.

Once you have synchronized your account with stream phone number, your Prime status will be matched with Prime Account Matchmaking. However, an enough number of players should have been registered with the new experimental version. Moreover, the experiment has already ensured to provide a safety cover to the honest players who have the single account. The old cheaters with multiple SIM cards, who frequently switch over different accounts, will be widely elated from the CS:GO platform. However, still there are cheaters who create new accounts while using multiple SIM cards. In order to keep such players out of the context, several precautions have been taken like eliminating VoIP numbers.

So, start with a new beginning and relish the experiment with CS:GO. Just buy cs go ranked accounts while linking your qualifying phone number and refresh your gaming skills. The added version of CS:Go is sure to thrill your senses, as you are now connected with other proficient players who will give you harder times while enjoying the game. Do not forget to attach original qualifying phone number with cs go ranked accounts.