Enhance Your Newborn Care Skills with the Help of NRP

NRP, acronym for Neonatal Resuscitation program, is a course which consists of debriefing exercises, simulation learning and training of hands-on skills. This course is carried by a group of people known as neonatal resuscitation squad. Usually, NRP instructors include respiratory therapists, physicians, midwives and nurses. Outreach and simulation programs are the two main versions of NRP.

Course components

There are two components of a NRP course, the first one is basic and the second one is advanced. The first course covers all those healthcare treatment that need responsibility of newborn resuscitation and who need advanced support within a short span of time. This course is suitable for professionals who don’t have advanced NRP skills in the present environment. In basic course, resuscitation principles, its initial steps, devices, ethics, chest compressions are care are taught to the aspirants.

In case of advanced course, it is designed for those professionals, who belong to a team responsible for advanced interventions through newborn resuscitation. The complete basic course is included in this program and the other components include medication administration, endotracheal intubation, special considerations, etc.


In order to acquire a full-fledged NRP certification San Diego, one has to participate in few things and complete them successfully. Those things are self-directed educational learning, online knowledge examination and classroom sessions. They are discussed in detail one-by-one below:

  • Self-directed educational learning – You will need a NRP textbook along with a DVD-ROM for preparation. This will help you in learning and make sure that you complete all the chapters before you make an attempt for your exam. After that, you also have to attend a lecture session. Ensure that enough amount of time is available for you to study.
  • Online knowledge exam – An online exam is mandatory for every NRP candidate and it has to be completed successfully. The maximum time gap between the candidate’s exam and its classroom session can be of 30 days. A completion certification has to be shown to the instructor to prove your successful completion of the exam.
  • Classroom sessions – These sessions provide the candidates and professionals with an opportunity for performing and applying their NRP skills in resuscitation. A curriculum based on simulation and little group sessions are blended together to create a useful combination for adult learners. Team resuscitation and technical skills along with the knowledge are applied within the course.

Advanced participants in NRP

In case, you are an advanced participant, it will be your task to finish your exam by completing all of the lessons and leaving nothing behind. There are certain lessons, which you must complete within a specific time period and before some other lessons. You must complete lessons in such a manner that all of them are covered before your exam. This is extremely important because after submission, there will be no reopening of the exam.

Lastly, choose a NPR course which provides the candidates with a comfortable and relaxed environment for a practical and thrilling learning experience. Make sure that by the time you complete your NPR course, you are knowledgeable and highly skillful in newborn resuscitation.