Elements Of An Exceptional Commercial Office Design

Elements Of An Exceptional Commercial Office Design

Everyone has an idea of what a commercial office should look like. However, the designer should make decisions mainly based on the personal comforts and preferences of the office user. To make the best use of your commercial office space, evaluate a full list of elements that you should include in the design process.

Open Space

Open space is a quality that every good commercial office must have. Too often, people want to stand in the copy room or sit in the bathroom and keep to themselves.

When you are in an office environment, you should expect people to walk into your office regularly. You must be comfortable with the idea of being outside of your comfort zone. That means increasing the space around you to accommodate several people at once. At the very least, include a lounge area where you and others can converse freely.

The idea of having an office is not to have peace and quiet at all times. Living and working in an open space makes you feel more open to collaboration.

Personalised Features

If you plan to keep your office for good, provide it with a personalised touch. Think of your bedroom or bathroom at home as you decorate. Think of all the features that make these rooms comfortable and unique to you. You have may have paintings, paint colours and floral arrangements that you like personally. Even the way you arrange the furniture is important.

Personalisation is a method used to resist the idea that the workplace is supposed to be bland. Although an office is a place of business, you should still make yourself feel as comfortable as if you were at home.

Location in the Building

Consider the precise location of the office. Do not assume that you have no control over where you work and who you work around.

The type of environment affects the levels of work productivity. Having a quiet room to work in is not enough to make you productive. First, you have to consider the proximity of your office to other rooms in the building, such as the kitchen or copy room.

Then, consider the view from the windows. Every office needs an open window to allow in fresh air and sunlight each day. You need these two natural elements, air and light, to bring life to your dull office surroundings.

Location is an important factor that affects your general comfort at work. Not all architects consider the comfort of the people staying in the rooms they design. As you work with a provider of commercial office design in London, make sure all of the good elements come together.

Easy Access to Technology

As you work, you should have access to one or more technologies, such as the Internet, a mobile phone or a printer. Most modern offices are equipped with modern tools that facilitate work and make it more convenient to do. Even if your type of work does not absolutely require it, consider having at least one computerised gadget in your area.

The Perspective of an Outsider

Walk into the office and consider how it appears to an outsider. First, consider how comfortable you feel with the amount of space available. Do your guests have enough room to walk around freely? Can they talk to you and other people within a comfortable distance?

Also, review the amount of lighting in the room, because every good office has sufficient lighting. No guest feels comfortable in an office where the tone of the room is cold and isolating.


You need good artificial lights just as much as you need natural sunlight. Office designers tend to work with lighting products that are long-lasting and commonly found in the workplace. The most popular choices are LED and fluorescent light bulbs that last through decades of constant use.

Before you buy the bulbs, choose which types of light fixtures you want displayed in the office. Installing a multiple pendant light may not be an appropriate look, so you can install a wall light or recessed can lighting that is more suitable for work. You should not have to settle for the basic floor lamp that sits in the corner and barely gives out any light. Modern offices are full of surprises because there are many different looks to choose from.

Storage Space

You need places to store your most valuable items, such as paperwork and office equipment. The availability of USB drives has replaced the filing cabinets of the past. More people are scanning their documents and storing them as digital files to carry from the office to their homes. Even if you do not have many papers lying around, you still need to find adequate storage space.

There are different places you can use for storage purposes in the office. You can install overhead shelves or cabinets similar to the ones seen in kitchens. To store items for the long term, create a large space that is tucked away beneath a desk or in a closet. Your office is barely functional without space, so make sure you have plenty of it.

Ergonomic Designs

Ergonomic designs are styles which are made for comfort at home and in the workplace. The purpose is to relieve the stress and strain placed on the body. These ergonomic designs are found in a range of products, such as recliners and computer mice. The recliners are shaped to provide maximum comfort to the back and improve posture.

The science of ergonomics is continuing to influence how people create office equipment. However, investing in these products is not about following trends. You want to consider adding one of these chairs to your furniture collection.

Exceptional office design is the only way to create an effective place to work and to be productive. The main purpose of office interior design is to combine the value of space, organisation and aesthetics. You want to improve the morale of anyone who walks into the office and increase your own as well. It is necessary that you consider all of the factors that go into creating the best designs.