Drug Abuse and Mental Illness: How Can Substance Abuse Program Help?

Drug Abuse and Mental Illness: How Can Substance Abuse Program Help?

Sometimes drug exists as a consequence of a mental illness and sometimes it can be the other way around. When this happens, you have what is called a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder.  

When you are diagnosed with a psychological disorder, treating your addiction can be accomplished more easily with the help of substance abuse treatment programs that target both the addition and the mental disorder. This can be the safest way to combat both issues as it often leads to life-threatening conditions.  

The Connection Between Drug Abuse and Mental Illness

The relationship between addiction and a psychological disorder is not as complex as it seems. The appearance of one may aggravate the other or one problem may arise because of the other. This connection between both issues makes it important to have a treatment program that not only addresses either but provides a comprehensive solution for both problems.

The clear connection between both issues can be seen with a patient who medicates the symptoms of his mental illness by using drugs or alcohol. Using either substance provides relief from the harshness of the symptoms and prolonged use develops physical dependence and leads to addiction.  

The other way around is that with the constant longing for drugs and alcohol, an addict develops the mental condition as a result of the substance damaging the brain. This often materializes over time which can be hard to deal with. Either way, only a substance abuse rehab can effectively address both issues providing a safe treatment for an addict during the withdrawal phase and avoid relapses in the future.  

How Your Substance Abuse Program Can Rebuild Your Life

The path towards recovery has never been easy. With lots of temptation abound, an addict often finds himself succumbing to his old self. This can only be thwarted with an effective treatment program that addresses both your addiction and the underlying problem that aggravates your substance dependence.  

As a relapse can often be triggered by past events, it can be helpful if you undergo a program that not only teaches you about your mental condition but also allows you to develop strategies that can be useful when faced with the constant urge to go back to your old habits.  

Substance abuse rehab will not only help you during your treatment process but can also be an ally when you are faced with relapse triggers. Substance abuse programs that are geared towards relapse prevention are helpful enough to teach you life lessons and important strategies that can be utilized when you have been released to the society.  

Rebuilding your life is ultimately the goal of a substance abuse program. One which targets both your mental illness program  and your drug abuse will get you through the hard phases that hinder your recovery. Therapeutic elements, counseling, detoxification and withdrawal management all help to provide you an environment where your life is protected.  

Substance Abuse Programs Offer the Needed Social Support

Every addict understands how hard it is to combat addiction alone. Trying to cope without using while you’re used to being high can be the biggest hurdle anyone can face. Your substance abuse program involves people facing the same problem as you. This environment harnesses the needed support as people can sometimes have the same problem and the same mental issues.