Diverse treatment hope in breast cancer relapses

Treatment combined with radiation and surgery can completely cure breast cancer at an early stage. According to a new study, breast cancer recovery survival rates are higher if treated in the early stage. Unfortunately, if any patient starts the treatment at the last stage when cancer has spread across other body parts, they are likely to face their misfortune. Moreover, understanding the particular type of cancer allowed the doctor to diagnose the best cancer treatment in India

In addition, with the introduction of advanced treatment, the fatality rate after breast cancer surgery in India has declined by roughly 40%. In fact, the outlook of patients with breast cancer has improved further. 


What are the potential treatment options in the best cancer hospital in India? 

The treatment plan for the conditions of breast cancer depends on multiple factors. Also, the mode of treatment decides the cancer recovery period. Hence, choosing the best method and taking maximum benefits of advanced medical science is essential. The factors of treatment plans are listed below: 

  • The stage of cancer
  • Size of the tumour
  • Number of the tumour
  • Other health conditions
  • Age of the patient
  • Molecular and genetic quality
  • Health and wellness priority

First of all, the doctors might recommend local therapy for breast cancer cure. It involves surgery and radiation. On the other hand, if the cancer cells spread into the other distant parts of the body, the patient will be guided through systematic therapy. It involves: 

  • Chemotherapy 
  • Immunotherapy
  • Hormone therapy


Other methods of cancer treatment in India 

Before choosing the required treatment plan, the patient needs to go through a series of sample tests. It is essential to choose the right diagnosis plan for faster cancer recovery. People with breast cancer are likely to have the following health conditions: 

Estrogen receptor-positive: this form id breast cancer develops when a patient has excess estrogen hormone. 

Progesterone receptor-positive: this type of cancer develops with the progesterone hormone. 

Growth factor receptor 2 positive: people with excess HER2 protein drive the development of cancer cells. 

Apart from these common types of breast cancer conditions, many patients are also diagnosed with triple-native cancers like: 

  • Estrogen receptor-negative
  • Progesterone receptor negative
  • HER2 negative

Role of clinical trials for breast cancer cure 

The contribution of clinical trials has always been intimidating in adopting the latest treatments for breast cancer. Countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Uganda, and the U.S have immensely benefited from the series of trials. 

The trial of 2018 reported that chemotherapy is not a suited method in treating the early stage of breast cancer. With many screening and diagnoses, scientists have found that 3D mammography effectively operates cancer cells. 

Breast cancer surgery in India 

Surgery has an essential role to play in treating breast cancer. Most patients prefer to choose breast-conserving surgery or mastectomy. The evidence of clinical trials suggests that both these methods provide long-term survival rates to treat early-stage cancer. Unfortunately, neither of the options confirms cancer will not recur. Regardless of the choices, one needs to follow a closed medical follow-up for a long period. 

Different types of Breast cancer surgery in India include: 


This surgical method removes the cancerous tumour with a small margin of surroundings. The surgeon removes the malignant along with normal tissue. Hence, the process does not hurt the shape of the breast and also stops the further spread of cancer. Doctors prescribe radiation therapy along with this surgery.

Partial mastectomy 

Based on the size and location of cancer, this surgery converses a large part of the breast. The doctors remove some breast tissue below the tumour. The post-surgery treatment is followed by radiation therapy. 

Radical mastectomy

It is another type of mastectomy surgery. It is generally performed in the middle stage of cancer. The surgeon removes the breast and chest muscles along with the lymph nodes. This surgery is recommended when the tumour spreads throughout the chest muscle in most cases.

Final thought 

Any surgery involves a potential risk of infection. Hence, they should be aware of the conditions and take necessary precautions. Patients can consult the best cancer hospital in India to find the best treatment.