Different Types Of Lahengas To Spice Up Your Ethnic Look

Different Types Of Lahengas To Spice Up Your Ethnic Look

Lahengas are one outfit which are the favorites of almost all women in India and it deserves to be one. Lahengas give woman a look which no other outfit can give. Initially the lahengas used to be completely Indian in look but now as with the growing experiments in fashion you can find any type of lahenga you want or can even get it customized as per your preferences.

You can find many types of fusionist lahengas which give western as well as Indian look. There are many materials available now which lend a special visual charm. When it comes to a wedding of a girl’s best friend or someone of her family every girl wants to adore lahenga with pretty accessories.

People visit so many boutiques and designers to get their lahengas done in the best possible fashion. Experimenting with new silhouettes and fabric is so much fun while preparing for a wedding. Let’s discuss some types of lahengas you can choose for yourself as per your physique and preferences for the next wedding gala.

Mermaid Fishtail Lahenga: This type of lahenga is best for a rectangle shape body or girl with an hourglass figure. It is tighter at hips and knees, being flared at the calves. The best choice for choli is deep neck and short length. You can buy such lahengas at cheaper rates using snapdeal offers which will really get you one in a budget.

A- Line Lahenga: A line lahengas best for the pear shaped bodies. They are fit at the hips and then creates a flare which goes till bottom. Pleat number in these types of Lahengas less and accentuate the look of girls who have wider hips because they shape them gracefully.

Sharara Cut Lahenga: Sharara cut lahengas are mostly seen worn by Muslim brides and are very much into fashion. They are stitched in the middle of the hem like a trouser or a palazzo but gives a look of a lahenhga. Sharara Lahengas are mostly carried with a long kurta and a dupatta with some heavy accessories.

Lahengas with jacket: Lahengas are jacket are the latest in fashion and look super cool. There is a long coat or jacket designed into a stylish pattern and a flared lahenga. You can even see a lot of celebrities wearing it at some special occasions.

Lahenga Saree: Lahenga sarees are modified version which have an A- line lahenga, a short choli and a one sided draped dupatta. It looks good on slim girls who have a straight and tall body structure.

Paneled Lahengas: These lahengas are good for hiding those extra kilos as they give a slimming appearance. There are a lot of panels which are stitched to create a whole flared lahenga.

So, are you ready to choose one from the above? Go for any of the above lahengas and add a dash of elegance to your personality. You can get any of the above lahengas through online shopping and if you wish to get huge discounts you can always go to websites like Couponhaat who give amazing deals and offers on many lifestyle products.