Diamond-The Ideal Material For An Engagement Rings

Diamonds have always been the ideal choice for use in engagement rings for women. Traditionally, white diamonds were preferred. But if you go by the current trends, you will find that colored diamonds are fast gaining popularity. If you are about to pop the final question to your beloved in the days to come, then you should follow the latest trends of diamond rings available in the market:-

Floral Accents

Engagement rings in the shape of vines, flowers and petals are fast gaining popularity among ladies.

Colorful Diamonds

If your fiance has a strong liking for nontraditional jewelry, then a colorful diamond would be the ideal choice. Diamonds with fancy shades like pink and yellow draw instant attention without creating an over the top feeling. On the other hand, if she likes making bold fashion statements, then you should go for black or chocolate diamond rings.

Square Bands

Engagement rings that come with square bands are not just stylish; they are also more comfortable as compared to round bands. Their edges don’t pinch or constrict the wearer’s fingers.

Vintage Designs

Vintage inspired designs are timeless. So, a ring with art deco flair can prove to be a good option. It is not just glamorous, it will stand the test of time.

Three stone settings

Engagement rings that come with three stone settings are a perfect amalgam of symbolism and sparkle. They are also called trinity rings and signify the past, present and future.

Elaborate Side Views

These rings come with intricate details on the sides of the band. So, it looks superb from different angles. To add a more personalized touch, you can consider opting for a monogrammed side setting.

Split Shank

A pave band that splits into two, the Split Shank would be the best choice for you if you want a ring with a more architectural touch.

Pear shaped and Marquise Cut Diamonds

These rings are very slim and are ideal for ladies who want to elongate their fingers.

Modern Halos

The diamond halo engagement ring comes with diamonds in alternative colors and shapes. The strong point of these rings lies in the fact that they make the center stone look larger.


Bows add a touch of class, aura and sophistication to an engagement ring. They come with a complementary band and will lend an ornate look on the wearer.