Depression- Treatment And Symptoms

Therapist comforting her patient on white background

When you are pregnant it has to be one of the happiest moments of your life. But sadly for many women, it is a cause of suffering in the form of stress or anxiety. As per medical experts, nearly 23 % of women do suffer from depression at some point during the stage of pregnancy. You could term it as a mood disorder which does affect 1 out of 4 women at some point during the period of pregnancy. No surprises to the fact that this illness could touch a pregnant woman. Depression medications while pregnant do offer a degree of relief it has to be stated. In the midst of all this depression is not been diagnosed properly as some women do consider it as some of the hormonal imbalance.

Such a form of assumption could be dangerous for both the mother along with the developing baby. When you are depressed and pregnant it could be managed, but it is suggested that you seek some form of support first and foremost.

Depression and signs of it during pregnancy?

 Depression goes by the name of antepartum depression could be compared to a clinical depression. When it is mood changes it would mean biological changes that doe’s take place in the brain chemistry. When you are pregnant the hormone changes can have an impact on the chemicals which are present in the brain. This could be compounded by different life situations that could arise when you are pregnant.

The symptoms of depression would include

  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • When a change in eating habits is witnessed
  • When you sleep too less or too little

Could depression cause any sort of harm to the developing baby?

The main objective of any depression medicine during pregnancy is to ensure that no form of harm does occur to the developing baby. If it is not treated it could pose significant dangers to both the mother along with the developing baby. It could lead to smoking; drinking or a chance of suicidal behavior could also emerge. Babies who are born could face developmental problems or low birth weight issues as well. If a woman is depressed she does not have the strength to take care of herself along with the developing baby.

Babies who are born to depressed mothers tend to be less active and become more agitated at the drop of a hat. For this reason, it is important that both the mother and the baby to get the right form of help at a very early stage.

How to treat depression when you are pregnant?

If a lady is of the opinion that she is suffering from depression the first step is to seek help. You can discuss with your doctor about the problems and the symptoms that you are facing. The onus on the health care provider is that he wants the best for the mother along with the baby and is going to discuss all the treatment options with you.