Dental Health Mouth Guards!

Dental Health Mouth Guards!

Snoring is an issue that has repercussions on health and simultaneously you are disturbing others by your snores and there is great impact on relationships, family, work and play. People avoid sharing rooms with people who snore.

Survey data reflects that 30% to 50% US population snore but all don’t suffer from sleep disorders. There are other conditions involved due to which people snore such as frequent consumption of alcohol and obesity.

If your snoring is on increasing side with time then you need to consult dental professionals who can diagnose the reason for snoring and test for sleep apnea if he doubts and would prescribe mouth guards if he feels the need. There are various advertisements on billboards, magazines and on online portals but never take decision on your own to use Mouth guards.

It comes under the purview of a dentist and he would be the best person to interpret as per your case study.

Mouth Guards to Treat Sleep Apnea

Numerous mouth guards are available in the market to curb and treat snoring. These devices are so designed that controls the architecture of the mouth while sleeping. In preliminary stages, it is uncomfortable for the user but the outcome of using snore guard dentist is that users get relief from snoring. The snoring pitch is minimized and gradually, the pace of snoring decreases upon regular use.

There are two types of mouth guard available in the market:

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD)

Mandibular Advancement Devices are fitted by the dentists and derives its name from the jaw bone. The effect of using MAD is that it moves the jaw forward and separates the vibrating element in the throat. MAD also improve strength and rigidity of the airway by increasing the muscle activity of the tongue and other muscles of the airway. Sadly, they are not prescribed for the people using dentures.

Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSD)

Tongue Stabilizing Devices are a piece of flexible plastic or BPA free silicon resin and is so designed that it completely fits inside the mouth. Even your bed partner cannot suspect that you are using mouth guard. Its function is similar to sports mouth guard or baby pacifier. A TSD is suitable for snorers who use dentures whereas MAD is not advised for the people with dentures. In the beginning, you might face issues while settling with mouth guards but afterward, you will adjust. If you face any issues, consult your dentist.

There are scores of designs, styles and sizes of MAD and TSD available in the market. Your dentist will prescribe the best one for you. They require the measurement of your mouth to acquire the frame of the mouth guard that glides in smoothly.

The wear and tear varies upon the usage and the model that you owe. It is advised to replace every year to combat snoring and sleep disorders.


If your snoring is disturbing your sleep or disturbing your better half and others, don’t ignore. You require assistance from the dentist who can rule out the reason for your snoring and can advise you suitable snore guard dentist available in the market.