Cruising…The Best Way To Explore San Francisco

Someone has rightly said,”We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment” and San Francisco is one such beautiful place to get lost and fulfil your desires and clear your head. The city provides you multiple ways to explore it. You can plan a day tour, night tour or even a cruise tour. However, certainly amongst all, the cruise tour is the highlight of the city, which makes the vacation much more reminiscing. While planning a trip to the pleasant city, prepare a special chart of the places, which you can best explore by having a cruise tour. You can take the benefit of domestic transport; can hire a taxi or shuttle, which run from particular points or other commuting services .

Here are a few points you can consider while having a trip to this pretty city.

Trip To Alcatraz

Alcatraz Island is a historical landmark. It opens the gates to the city’s unique history. The best way of enjoying the beauty of this beautiful spot is by opting for an Alcatraz cruise tour. After taking a complete circle of the historical prison, passing by the neighborhoods of North Beach it takes you to the many infamous islands, outlines and bay along the way. The cruises also have the option of providing you with the headphones where you can enjoy the audios of the history of San Francisco in multiple languages. You can enjoy the amazing views accompanied by the history audio clips. The cruise takes you under the Golden Gate Bridge and around the Alcatraz Island.

Candid Clicks

The best way to explore this beautiful city is from the waters. Make your cameras your best friends and do not forget to click pictures of this alluring city. Every single experience is breathtaking and the surrounding marine beauty makes you skip your heartbeats. The city is a secret keeper of many love stories. Fall in love with this city more and more. Propose your Valentine as the city offers special valentine cruises. Enjoy your favorite wine, the scenic beauty, and not only this, you can carry your favorite snacks too.

Bridge To Bridge Tour

The vacation becomes much more exciting when you sail under the two famous bridges, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Navigating the horizons of the city starting from the heart Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco’s Waterfront surroundings of the North Beach, Aquatic Park, San Francisco Maritime National Park, and many more spots add thrill to the tour and make it worth your time. The multilingual audio narration during the tour takes you closer to the unique history, culture and architecture of the city.

The Dazzling Dusk

Pick out your most relaxing wear, jacket or a blanket and enjoy the homely atmosphere given by the sunset cruises. These cruises sail only in winter. As the sun sets over the pacific ocean, the colors of dusk spread all over the sky you sail along the city enjoying the beauty of nature, scenic views and the chilling air makes your journey more beautiful. The spanning of the Golden Gate Bridge will take your breath away. The sparkling lights cover the city and make it even more beautiful.

Living The Moments

San Francisco Cruise tour is the best choice you can make to explore this city to the fullest. The tour takes you to the historical and the stunning Alcatraz Island, Sausalito, the Golden Gate Bridge, Marina District, which was badly annihilated during the earthquakes of 1989 and many more. The captain’s live commentary by both inside and outside dinning arrangements and the incredible beauty all around takes you to another world and makes you lose yourselves in the moments. You can make your holiday memorable in just two hours as the tour is a complete package of living the incredible beauty of the city.

Dinning Under The Sky

If you are planning for a night tour, then one of the best options you can go for is exploring the city through the San Francisco Dinner Cruise. You can enjoy your dinner under the sky, surrounded by water and the beautiful and most memorizing sceneries. If you are fond of music, then just hurry up and book your tickets for the cruise. It comes up with the complete atmosphere of making the best memories you can ever make accompanied by the music and dance. Capture every view with your camera and fill the bag of your memories with the moments of joy and beauty.

The attractive city makes you forget the world and let you explore its beauty by sailing along the pretty horizons. If you have less time in your pocket, than cruising is the best option to adore this city. The only thought which will come into your head is,” I’ve been high, I’ve been low, I’ve been yes and I’ve been no….I’ve been rock n roll and disco. Won’t you save me San Francisco”?