Commercial Design Tips To Brighten Up Your Workplace

Commercial Design Tips To Brighten Up Your Workplace

Whether you are planning to move in a new workplace or thinking to renovate the present building, there are some points that need to be considered before moving ahead. Many a times, client who is familiar with commercial design will be aware of so many ideas that can be used in designing the workplace. On the other hand, one who is more familiar with residential design does not have much idea on how he/she can design workplace. It is necessary to hire right Professional Commercial Designers in order to effectively design and use the space properly.

In the blog, we will be discussing some commercial design tips to brighten up your workplace.

  1. Lighting: Commercial lighting has deep impact on the well being of the employees. It will not only lighten up their tasks, but also effects the attention between client & employees. Choosing inappropriate lighting will create discomfort rather than driving attention towards the organization’s growth. Client often neglects the importance of lighting, without knowing that adding a creative light décor will definitely make the workplace look more alive & fun. Online Commercial Design Services suggests lighting tips like using up lighting instead of down lighting, putting dimmers inside office premises, minimizing painful system glare, etc.
  2. Color: Another element that cannot be ignored while designing workplace is color. Though many of the clients prefer to use plain color for their office walls, but creating a professional environment does not always mean using a dull & boring color. Designers must use a right color that suits the business or organization’s personalities or motives. Brighter colors enhances focus & task accuracy while calm colors creates calm environment promoting creative thinking.
  3. Dividers: The usage of proper space dividers is a must for commercial design, as it will enhance acoustics and beauty of the workplace. Office space dividers promote clear communication, which is not possible if the workplace is having open room designs. Glass screens can be used to give partitions of space using common lights. Office space dividers are the best way for successful communication of the workplace culture.
  4. Textures: While talking about the textures to be used inside the workplace premises, most of the clients do not like the commercial design to become all uniform & flat. It is very important to decide which walls need to be painted and which one needs to be left for adding textures in the space using natural objects like wooden slats, plants, natural fibers, etc. After choosing an appropriate design, designers must ensure that they use the same material for all the surfaces to give a better presentation as a whole. Adding texture in the space is one factor that avoids the appearance of long corridors or paths.


While designing a commercial building, you can take help of the above points to create a better workplace suitable for employees. On the other hand, for designing residential homes, take help by choosing the best Online Residential Design Services & ideas from top-class Professional Residential Designers.