Coffee Mug Warmer Vs. Candle Warmer: What’s The Difference?

The basic function of a coffee mug warmer and a candle warmer differ from each other. Apart from function, the mechanism is also different for candle warmer and coffee warmer. The various differences between the two have been discussed here.

Warming vs Melting

A coffee warmer is an electronic item which plugs into the electrical socket. It is shaped like a drink coaster. The basic function of a coffee warmer is to keep the mug of coffee hot at all times. People like their cup of coffee hot but often the cup of coffee becomes cold because the person is not able to drink it for a long period of time due to some other work. A coffee warmer keeps the cup of coffee at the desired temperature which ensures that you always get to drink a hot cup of coffee. Coffee warmer is especially useful in offices and for busy people.

On the other hand, the basic function of a candle warmer is to melt a scented candle in order to release the fragrance present in the wax. Candle warmer unlocks the fragrance of scented candles without an open flame. Burning of wax is also not involved which eliminates the formation of soot. Apart from candle, block of scented wax can also be put in a candle warmer. Candle warmers can be used in drawing rooms as well as in spas for aromatherapy.


Coffee warmers is designed to hold mugs but can also be used to warm bowls containing other kinds of foods. A coffee warmer contains a cable which plugs into an electrical outlet. Coffee warmer can also have a USB cable which can plug into a laptop or desktop. The coffee warmer contains a heating coil which is heated by electricity. The heated coil transfers its heat energy to the electric plate present at the base of the warmer. The heat is, in turn, transferred to the mug and its contents when it is placed on the warmer.

Candle warmers also have power cords and use electricity to warm candles. But the following mechanisms are used to melt the candles by candle warmers.

  • Plate candle warmer has warming plate on which the candle needs to be placed. The candle is heated from the bottom and melted. The plate candle warmers are not very decorative and can be used in offices, bathrooms and on shelves.
  • Crock design candle warmers have heating elements on the sides apart from the heating elements at the bottom. As a result, the candle is melted at a swifter rate as compared to plate candle warmer.
  • Lamp or lantern design candle warmers heat the candle from the top in the manner of flame. But there is no burning of wax. The wax is melted in layers to release the fragrance.