Cloud Based Solutions For Higher Productivity & Reduced Costs For Small Businesses

Small businesses are highly depending on the performance of even the last individual in their workforce. In other words, the productivity of the individual has a significant impact on the productivity of a small business. A small business may have smaller levels of order volumes, the kinds and number of operations can be almost equivalent to a medium to large sized business. Managing all those tasks while focusing on the core business can be a daunting task for a small team that runs the entire company. This is where technology can come to your rescue and help support the employees in delivering their functions more efficiently and productively.

Cloud Technology for Small Businesses

Technology has affected all aspects of our professional lives. It has made communication something as simple as clicking the mouse. A major development in IT that is changing the way we do business is the cloud technology. Small businesses have a lot to gain from cloud based solutions because they perfectly meet their demand for cost-effective solutions that help boost their productivity. In this article you will learn about the top cloud based solutions for driving your small business to success.

Cloud SharePoint: This cloud based service enables simpler, easier and faster communication between your workforce by allowing them to communicate, share and collaborate in a cost effective manner. You can develop your own website without the need to have advanced knowledge. The site can then be used for storing information and data and share with anyone in the company.

The Cloud SharePoint service enables faster hosting of different types of websites including intranet, extranet and public-facing sites without any cost. This means more savings for your business. The site can be designed for different purposes including communication, file management and other applications. All the information can be stored in a central location from where the team can access them as and when required.

Benefits of Cloud SharePoint

There are many advantages of using Cloud SharePoint service for your small business. It helps in achieving high level of availability compared to on-premise system deployment. Your workforce can collaborate on projects, share information and communicate between SharePoint farms without concern for the geographical limitations. Your teams can communicate and share information with each other even when they are on the go. For example, your marketing and sales team can view, edit and share information from any location, at any time. This is possible even if your workforce is using different types of devices including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows or Mac.

Your team can collaborate and communicate any time of the day and from any location without bearing any additional costs of setting up the infrastructure. Check for more information about this cloud service.

Cloud Desktop Online: As already mentioned, employee productivity is critical to the success of small businesses. Virtual desktop can help in improving your business’ productivity while reducing costs – something what every small business wants. Small businesses can have sales individuals who are always on the go but need access to crucial information to make close those deals. This cloud hosted virtual desktop service will allow your teams to access applications, data and files from any location on their mobile device. Thus, it will eliminate barriers of distance and time and will help boost your business’ productivity.

As already mentioned, small businesses are always pursuing cost-effectiveness. Cloud Desktop Online eliminates the costs involved in installing all the hardware/software dependencies. You don’t have to procure the latest hardware or keeping the software up to date. The hosted virtual desktop service will manage all this. All this will help you save more while generating more profits from improved team performances.

Cloud Desktop Online from Apps4Rent enables your workforce to access all your applications, information and emails on their devices. They can access the applications and information over Remote Data Protocol or simply over the browser. It has compatible client for every device with any OS.

The Cloud desktop allows you workforce to access all the data, but it goes further and also enables access to the resources in your offices including printers and other peripherals and devices over remote system. You will have total control over granting permission for access remotely. It is a highly secure and reliable service that is backed up daily. There is 24×7 professional support for the clients. Visit for more information about this service.