Chrome Security Extensions For Safe Browsing

Chrome Security Extensions For Safe Browsing

The Google chrome is most famous browser in the internet world. It is named for the best and speed internet services and it proves that. The chrome provides many free extensions to the users, which helps them in many ways in simplifying the net surfing, but there are some free tools or extensions which helps you to surf the internet with a secure connection. These extensions are very simple in use, but provide a significant use to the online chrome users, these are widely now used by the most of the internet users who are positive about the extensions and recommending others to use them.

Password Alert

This extension checks you whether you are signing into a fake page or submitting to fake website who steal your password with a phishing attack. It checks the html version of the each page we visit and alert the user before typing the actual password if it found the web page is not the safest one. It also sends alerts to you after you are signing into a Gmail account in different pages.

AdBlock Plus

This is one big advantage to have on chrome. This extension works like charm to disable the most irrigating jam packed ads on the web pages. Adblock runs in background of web pages and scans for the any kind of ads that will pop up and disable it from displaying it on a web page. This almost gives a good normal web page with its original content. Due to this blocking mechanism we may have also escaped from clicking the malicious adware’s in the net.

HTTPS Every Where

HTTPS Every Where will always lets the user connect to the secure web page which is an HTTPS kind. It checks the entered URL is HTTPS one or not, then it decides to redirect you to the HTTPS version of the web page/site. The HTTPS protocol ensures the webpage is the securely one, so it is good always re-directed to secure websites.

Web of Trust

Web of Trust is one more best and easiest extension to have on chrome to have a safe browsing experience. This extension ensures the website you are accessing can be trusted one or not.

This follows various statistics from different security organization to evaluate the connecting website can be trusted one or not. They exhibit different colors to alert about the website on the extension bar.